Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

Can you imagine your life without your smart phone?

Obviously not!

From taking pictures to booking tickets, all go in a click by our phones. Sending files is also one of them. You can share all important files if you own the right apps for it.

 No you must be wondering that uh, Bluetooth is there, why I need an application then?

Well Bluetooth is nowhere in comparison of Wi-Fi based applications. Bluetooth takes nearly minutes to hours in just sending a small file and also it is not guaranteed that it will be in its original format. It might get corrupted too.

But this is not there in the case of applications. For your ease of understanding, we are hereby discussing 9 of the best apps for sharing files between devices and friends. Without wasting much time, let’s get started:

  1. Portal:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

Just a click and your files are ready to get transferred. The portal is good to go if you want to send videos, photos, documents, audio tracks instantly.

Transfer of files does not rely on your data connection. You can share even file size of more than 1 GB through the Wi- Fi. This application not only takes care of the transferring of files but also saves the images and the other shared documents at the appropriate locations in the phone.

It is android platform based. You just have to scan the QR code using your phone and drop the files on to the page and rest will be done by Portal.

  1. Pushbullet:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

Different from others, this application is ios as well as android friendly platform. If you are one of the frequent sharers, then I must say this sharing application is for you.

Share screenshots, pictures, videos or any other important file with your friend in no time. Not only for smart phones, but also there is an app available for windows and Mac users for their ease of work.

But happy things bring pain with it also. You can share one file at a time through this app. It might be somewhat difficult for those who send the files in bulk. But sit back and relax, do not worry, Pushbullet has another app for it also.

  1. AirDroid:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

What if I say AirDroid is something advanced version of all the sharing apps? AirDroid is not only helps in sharing the stuff on your phone but you can also use it for instant messaging services.

You will be notified at the very time when you receive message on desktop. Need some entertainment while working? It does that also. You can even play music or can view images through its embedded dedicated tools.

In addition to this, one can even install apps by dragging the APK of the app and just follow the steps shown in the sharing application step by step.

  1. Superbeam:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

Choose a charming device that works even when you do not have internet connection. Superbeam application which is both android as well as IOS based platform uses Wi-Fi technology for the sharing procedure.

You can pair the two devices by the two means. The first method is by scanning the QR code and the other one is through NFC.

Confused about sharing Over NFC?

Well, follow these below mentioned steps to get the process right now:

  • Make sure the NFC is enabled on the both receiving and sending device.

  • Bring the devices one by one

  • Just tap on the screen of the sending device and that’s all. It’s done.

  1. Xender:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

Do you want to send the file to about four of your friends at one time? If yes, go for Xender now and you know the best part of all? It does not cost anything. Absolutely free it is.

Along with it, this featured app supports both the android as well as IOS platform. It is same like AirDroid with minor differences. Same like AirDroid, you can share the multimedia using internet or without internet connection as well.

In AirDroid you were supposed to drag and drop the multiple files for transferring all your documents, pictures, audio files and lot more but whereas in Xender, you can view all the images and other multimedia just by tapping over other tabs.

  1. BitTorrent Sync:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

If you are looking for somewhat moresecured transmission of your files, then BitTorrent is the place you should opt for. It uses 128 bit encryption BitTorrent sync protocol for the security measures.

But before getting started with it, you must need a bit configuration for the processing.  For the 10 sync files, it is absolutely free but to use vastly on unlimited basis, you need to pay its charges.

This application is smart enough to update all the folders that have been changed or require change. Also, it supports all, that is android, IOS, windows phone, Kindle fire.

  1. BitTorrent Shoot:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

As the name suggests, “Shoot” basically deals with the sharing of photos and videos. You can share a wide range of pictures instantly by just scanning the QR Code.

One thing one should note it that only the first three transfers from this application are free. To continue the unlimited sharing, you must have to pay $2 as the fee. It is all platform friendly, such as IOS, windows and android. It is easy to install but we recommend go for other apps for more features.

  1. WeTransfer:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

Do you know that you can even load 10GB in a go? This free application allows you to do so and even without logging in into this. You can share a wide range of pictures and other media remotely.

Furthermore, it sends the email links along with the message embedded along with it. You have to be connected until the process does not get completed. If emergency is there, resume or pause options are available there. It supports android and IOS platforms only.

Uploads are saved up to 7 days but if you wish to enjoy it for life time, you need to pay $10 as a monthly fee. You can log in into this just by tapping on its logo. Subscribe it now.

  1. Infinit:

    Top 9 Android Apps For Sharing Files Between Devices And Friends in 2018

The journey of this application started by the cloud through desktop tools. Later on, as it gets popular, android and IOS apps come into existence.

This led to the sharing of various kinds of multimedia to with your friends, family or any near and dear one. Further, it support multiple recipients too.

To share the file, you are required to log in first to the application account. Then only one can share the files and other documents instantly.

You can send the media not only through the contacts but also through the email address.

Time to wrap up:

Hey readers! Yes you, I hope you all are doing well. So this was all about today’s topic.

Be confirming by your side by reviewing all these mentioned sites personally should be your first priority.

If still you have any doubt regarding the same, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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