Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

When it comes to online security, do antivirus software and apps come to your mind? Then you should know that there is more to online security than just antivirus or anti-spyware/malware software and apps. You can forget about downloading heavy antivirus apps and somewhat excessively restricting security software suites. There are plenty of other options available for you, in the form of non antivirus security apps.


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This article is not meant to assuage your misconception if you think that antivirus software and apps are the only way to ensure optimal Android smartphone security. To ensure that our readers become aware of some of the best security apps for smartphones, apart from antivirus apps, we have created a simple list.

Top 10 Best Android Security Apps that are not Antivirus Apps

Below given are the top 10 best security apps for Android that aren’t antivirus apps:

1. GlassWire

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

One of the most basic ways to detect unauthorized access to your network or device is to monitor the data usage. The GlassWire is one of the most fundamental non antivirus security apps. It is completely free and designed to minutely monitor your internet data usage through your Android smartphone. You can view your data usage in an organized manner, according to particular apps, and with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

You can also customize the data usage reports according to other parameters of your choice. This excellent app also notifies you in case of unusual data usage activity from your phone or any app on your Android smartphone.


2. Find My Device (formerly Android App Manager)

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

This original app from Google was formerly known as Android App Manager but is now known simply as ‘Find My Device’. It is designed to track the location of your Android smartphone in case you lose it or it gets stolen.

The notifications and alarm help to actively track your smartphone. Apart from tracking this Android security app is also designed to lock your lost smartphone remotely, show a message when it if detected, and even help to erase your device data from a remote location with just a few taps on the touchscreen. This is a completely free app with no in-app purchases or advertising bothering you.


3. Haven

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

Haven is one of the most advanced and innovative security apps for Android today. It practically turns your smartphone into an active security device. It is designed to alert the owner if the smartphone/security device is disturbed physically.

Unauthorized movement of your smartphone/security device will let you know. It can be set to record sounds using its microphone, monitor loss of power if it is plugged in, and even detect motion with the help of change in light. This is a completely free non antivirus security app designed for Android users for optimal protection of your phone and your luggage too.


4. ProtonVPN

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

The virtual private network (VPN) you create on your smartphone is vulnerable to hacking and online attacks. Protecting your VPN is one of the basic steps in ensuring optimum online security of your Android smartphone. With the help of ProtonVPN, now protecting your VPN becomes easier and more effective.

The developers’ strict no-sharing, no-logging in and stringent network encryption policy ensures optimum protection from hackers and phishers. This is a completely free and reliable Android security app available on Google Play Store.


5. Resilio Sync

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

Cloud storage may be touted as being one of the most popular and advanced data storage solutions today. However, the security levels of majority of cloud servers are not updated to combat the latest online threats. This is where it makes sense to turn your own PC into an active cloud server.

The Resilio Sync Android security app is designed to create a highly secure link between your Android smartphone and your personal computer. This app syncs your PC and smartphone/tablet effectively. This is perfect for transferring, storing and accessing your most sensitive and private information using your Android smartphone or tablet.

6. Firefox Focus

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

Security for your Android smartphone doesn’t end at protecting your data. It also includes overall security, in terms of browsing and other online activities, where your phone is most vulnerable for online attacks.

Firefox Focus is a completely free, extremely efficient and simplest way to browse online privately on Android smartphones. All you need to do is simply launch the browser app and it automatically blocks ads and trackers over the internet. Once done with browsing a particular webpage, you simply click on the ‘TRASH’ icon on the corner of your screen and your browsing page is quit with no trace whatsoever.


7. Brave Browser

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

This is another top Android security app for protection when browsing online. Created by the co-founder of Mozilla, this browser offers you a more traditional browsing experience, albeit with the added security and privacy features lacking in others of its kind.

It works much similar to the conventional Google Chrome Android browser as it uses the open-source Chromium code base from Google. The layout, menu and UI is extremely similar to Chrome, with the conventional auto-filling, Downloads, Bookmarks and other common features displayed within easy access. The best aspect of Brave Browser is its ability to block ads, pop-ups and other forms of online tracking systems. This allows you optimal privacy and security when browsing online.


8. Solid Explorer File Manager

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

Although today most Android smartphones and tablets come with built-in encryption feature, it is highly advisable to add another layer of encryption security to it. Solid Explorer is one of the best choices for security apps for Android currently.

It works similar to your Android file manager. It lets you browse, edit, and manipulate the files stored on your Android device’s local storage. It is also possible to do the same to files stored on any other third-party cloud storage with this Android security app.  To use this app, simply launch it, browse through the available files or folder on your local/cloud storage. Once you highlight the required file/folder you will only need to type in a password. You can also choose to activate fingerprint access, for even more protection. Once you have selected the file/folder, it will only be accessible to people with the correct password. The files are accessible only after the Solid Explorer file manager decrypts the file/folder protected by the app.


9. mSecure

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

mSecure is another one of the top security apps for Android. It is designed to work as an efficient password and data manager. It offers security solutions to store information on your Android smartphone or tablet.

With mSecure, you can now safely store sensitive and private information, including your login passwords, usernames, credit card details, social security numbers, etc. on your Android device. It allows quick and efficient access to the safely stored information only after effective authentication of the user. It’s advanced encryption feature keeps your personal information completely safe, in event of your phone getting stolen or lost.

10. CM Security

Top 10 Best Security Apps for Android that aren’t Actually Antivirus Apps

CM Security is definitely one of the best all-round security apps for Android phones and tablets. This security app is designed to protect your device from the latest online threats. It also contains an App locker which restricts access to the selected app, files, folders, gallery, etc from prying eyes.

Not only this, the app also acts as an excellent RAM and CPU booster, along with a locator feature to detect, monitor and control your Android device from a remote location. It also allows you to block harassing unwanted phone calls, apart from providing real-time updates of scanned and downloaded apps and files. All these features are included in this one, completely free Android security app.

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