Best Arts and Humanities Courses

Arts and Humanities are two different worlds yet connected. They are like fodder to the raging fire inside an artist. Any form of artist. To sketch is to do art, to sing is to do art, to write is to create magic and to dance is to art. There are so many forms of art and there are so many courses in humanities.

A lot of students prefer Arts and Humanities because the courses make them happy. Art is anything you can create. For example, humans are a work of art. We were made by the supernatural force. We are forms of art. And Humanities is like an overall term for anything which doesn’t involve much or any science in the subject. It can be history, political science, civics or anything else.

Humanities courses are actually important in everyone’s life. It teaches us to be more courageous and build our interpersonal skills. It encourage us to do things uniquely and enable us to think out of the box. They teach us to reason and question everything we can in this life and think critically at any juncture. They teach us to live life in proper yet in a subtle way.

Humanities is basically or can be known as the study of human culture and their behaviors and mannerisms. Humanities courses are widely available in scope and it mainly focuses on the cultures and behaviors around the globe. The humanities courses are in huge demand.

 Art is all about painting and drawing, sculpting, designing and many more. It also includes courses in computer art, music, dance, opera, theatre, films, animation, writing and many more.Students who are hell bent in taking the arts or humanities courses will only succeed in life.  After all, life’s tough.A lot of people are in dilemma what degree course should they opt for. They are also puzzled what to take course they have to take. Again, they are in another confusion whether they take arts with math or without math.But, here in this article we have collected loads of courses you can do in the stream of Arts and Humanities.

Here are some of the categories of Art:

Best Arts and Humanities Courses

Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Architecture, Weaving, Conceptual arts

You can also take games like designing them and animation is also a great career. You can also start off in a course about culinary arts. Also you can be offered positions like Chef, Catering, Event Management and others.

Art is done in four stages. The first being under graduation, Post-graduation, doctoral and diploma courses.There are a few other courses you can always opt for which are quite good and the best courses in the arts and humanities stream.

You can check out the list below for reference:-

Air Hostess, Animation Film making, Animation master, animation standard, 3d animation, advance diploma in #C animation expert, 3D animation advance diploma and in Fashion designing.

You also have architecture, interior designing, jewellery designing

  • Advance Diploma in Interior Designing

  • Advance Hair Diploma Holder

  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Animation (Diploma in VFX & Animation)

  • Advanced Diploma in Multimedia

  • Artistic-Basic Jeweler Design Programmed

  • A. (Honors in Political Science)

  • A. (Hons.) Economics

  • A. (Hons.) Humanities and Social Sciences

  • A (Hons) Marketing

  • A (Hons.) in Marketing Management

  • A. (Hons.) in Social Work

  • A. (Hons) English

  • A. Programmed with Functional Hindi

  • Sc. Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design

  • A (Honors in Sociology)

  • A (Honors) Economics

  • A (Honors) History

  • A (Hons) English

  • A. Journalism

  • A (Media & Communication)

  • A (Psychology)

  • A – Tourism, History & Journalism

  • A Economic (Hons)

  • A Hons in English Economics and Hindi

  • A LLB

  • A (English)

  • A. (Apparel Design & Merchandising)

  • A. (Economics)

  • A. (Economics, English, Politics)

  • A. (Fine Arts)

  • A. (H) English with Journalism

  • A. (Sociology)

  • A. Economics

  • A. Hons

  • A. in Mass Communication (BMC)

  • A. LL.B.

  • A. LL.B. (Hons.)

  • A. Philosophy Hons.

  • Advanced Editing

After the long list of arts courses, here are a few humanities course everyone could enroll and learn about something about cultures and stuff like that.

You may get so many opportunities to study abroad about these courses. The curriculum there is quite holistic and nice. You can also do post-graduation or a doctorate in abroad.

The following are the main categories Humanities courses can depend on to.They are art. History, cultural values, social movements and philosophy.

Here are the best Humanity courses:-

Best Arts and Humanities Courses

Western Culture Course:-

This Western Culture Course is all about how diverse the western culture is. its overview has a very large introduction to various departments like art, literature, philosophy, psychology, and the birth of the western culture. Probably one ofthe nicest programs offered in India.

World Mythology Course:-

Mythology. Mythology is very ancient and most of our life lessons are learnt from various mythologies. It can also have viewed in the dimension of the ideals and values of the mythology in the world. There are many legends and folktales in the part of study and this is definitely one of the best courses in the whole of humanities world. In the World Mythology, you can study about Egyptian, Indian, American, Ion- Afro mythologies.

Arts in 20th Century Western Culture Course:-

Arts in the last century, that is the 2oth century have been quite eventful. You have the observations of art and literature and they are placed on the social and aesthetic values in this course.

Non-Western Culture Course:-

This Non Western Culture Course act as the introduction to some of the largest and highly populated people in the world. Philosophe and visual arts are once they compare and contrast of the western culture.

Modern European Humanities Course:-

Students study this course to gain knowledge about literary, dramatic, political cultures of Europe. Their philosophies and histories are something which takes everyone with joy to know more about it.You basically study case studies and references related to the European countries like other countries.And make sure you are making the right choice while selecting the arts and humanities courses. After all, make your life and career beautiful by choosing the right courses. I hope this article did halo in getting all the information you need about them.

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Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

The elite colleges of MBA in India are trying to keep up the quality of the management education  offered in their colleges. They are trying to achieve global standards by providing top notch facilities and the best and state of art infrastructure to the students.

Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

The colleges are aiming to make their curriculum full of case studies and practical situations so that the students are ready to face the industry and the real world problems.

Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

These are some of the best MBA colleges worth joining to make your life and career beautiful:

  • FMS Delhi:

    CAT 2017 cut off for admission in 2018: 98 percentiles.Placement drive average salary 2017: Rs.20.60 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch: Rs.25000 in two installments. So the fee payable is 50,000.They accept admissions based on XAT, CAT, GMAT

  • MDI Gurgaon:

    MDI Gurgaon accepts admission if the candidate has appeared for XAT or CAT. The fee for the 2018-2020 batch is 19.91 L and the average salary given in the placement drive was 18L. CAT 2017 cutoff was 94 percentiles.

  • SPJIMR, Mumbai

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 92% ; Average Salary for Placement 2017: Rs.20.9 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch: Rs.16 lakhs. Accepting XAT, CMAT, MAT scores: XAT 2018

  • IMI New Delhi

    CAT 2017: 90 percentile.Placement drive average salary, 2017: Rs.12.54 lakhs. Fee ,2018-20 batch: Rs.15.41 lakhs. They accept admissions based on CAT and XAT scores.

  • B-school: IMT Ghaziabad

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 90%. Placement salary 2017: Rs.11.26 lakhs. Fee, 2018-20 batch: Rs.16.50 lakhs. They accept admission based on XAT and CAT scores.

  • XIM Bhubaneshwar

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 91%. Placement average salary or the median salary 2016: Rs.13.18 lakhs. Fee of the 2018-20 batch: Rs.16.70 lakhs. They accept admissions based on XAT, CMAT, MAT scores

  • JBIMS Mumbai

    CAT 2017 cut off for the admission 2018: 96 percentile. Placement average or median salary 2017: Rs.18.76 lakhs. Fee for the 2018-20 batch: Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. They accept admissions based on the CMAT, MAT, MAHCET scores.

  • GIM Goa

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 85 percentile. for Placement average salary or medium salary 2017: Rs.9.30 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch is 9.79 lacs per annum. And the course is for two years. They accept XAT, CAT, CMAT, MAT scores for the admission process.

  • TAPMI, Manipal

    CAT 2017 cut off for admission process in 2018: 80%. Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.10.05 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch: Rs.13 lakhs per annum. The accept admissions based on XAT, CMAT, GMAT, CAT.

  • K J Somaiya, Mumbai

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 86 percentile. Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rest. 9.19 lakhs per annum which is pretty decent. Fee for the 2018-20 batch joining is Rs.11.93 lakhs per annum. They accept admissions based on XAT, CMAT, GMAT scores.

  • IFMR, Chennai

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 80 percentiles. Average Salary for Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.9 lakhs. Fee for the 2018-20 joining batch: Rs.12 lakhs per annum. They accept admissions based on the qualification of XAT, CAT, GMAT.

  • FORE New Delhi

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 85%. Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.9.40 lakhs. Fee for the joining 2018-20 batch: Rs.14.90 lakhs per annum. They accept XAT, CMAT.GMAT scores based on the qualification of the exam.

  • Great Lakes, Chennai (1-year program)

    Since it is a one-year program, the admission status is usually open till November ending for the new batch. CAT 2017 cut off for the admission in 2018: 85%.  Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.12.33 lakhs. Fee for 2017-19 batch was Rs.18.94 lakhs which is close to 19lacs per annum. They accept admissions based on CAT, XAT, GMAT.

  • IRMA, Anand

    The admission status for the IRMA college is usually open till the December end for join the next year. CAT 2017 cut off for the admission in 2018 is 80 percentiles. Placement average salary or median salary in the year of 2017: Rs.10.20 lakhs per annum. Fee for the students joining in the 2018-20 batch: Rest. 11.50 lakhs per annum. The admissions are only accepted if the candidates are qualified for the XAT, CMAT, GMAT, MAT and if they additionally appear for IRMASAT.

  • IMNU, University, Ahmedabad

    Admission status: Open till Jan 9 The admissions for the new batch joining are usually open till the first week of the January. CAT 2017 cut off for the admission of the new batch in 2018: 80%. Placement average salary or median salary for the year 2017: Rs.8 lakhs per annum. Fee for the joining students in the 2018-20 batch: Rs.10.46 lakhs per annum. Admissions are based on XAT, CMAT, GMAT scores.

  • MICA, Ahmedabad

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 80 percentile. Placement average salary in  2017: Rs.12.65 lakhs per annum. Fee for the 2018-20 batch is  Rs.11.85 lakhs for one year. They accept admissions based on the qualification of XAT, CAT, MAT scores.

The following colleges are known for offering top salaries during the placement drives:

Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

1. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, Delhi

Highest salary offered was 66 lacs! Best pplacements in India other than the IIMs.

2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

More than 160 companies made 450 offers at IIM Bangalore final placement 2016 for the PGP 2014-16 programs.

3. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

The IIM Ahmedabad students have grabbed the highest package of 1.02 crore rupees of an international firm. It was of the PGP 2014-206 batch. The domestic, i.e. the national package was of 48 lacs per annum.

4. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Average salary: 16.5 lacs. Highest salary offered was around 65-70 lacs if converted into rupees.

5. XLRI Jamshedpur

Average salary: 19 lacs per annum. Best MBA college after the IIMs

6. Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Average salary: 11 lacs

Highest salary: 18 lacs

7. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Highest package was 32 lacs. Average package was 16 lacs per annum. All its 444 students got placed last year.

8. Indian Institute of Management, Indore

IIM Indore has managed to achieve 100% placement of the latest batch.

Average salary offered was 16.5 lacs per annum.

9. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Average salary: 17.1 lacs per annum.

10. National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai

 Average salary: 16.6 lacs. Highest salary offered: 33 lacs

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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

In India, the engineering degree  has always been widely chosen  by parents. It is one of the few professions that has been able to provide the higest employment to the youth and citizens of India. Apart from the IITs and the NITs which are the best engineering colleges in India, these are some of the best engineering colleges in India.

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India


BITS Pilani is just next to the IITs and NITs  in India. It is highly famous for its lberal curriculum where there is no attendace system unlike other colleges. You get to choose your own faculty too according to your GPA.

  • Entrance Test

BITSAT is the online exam that you need to pass to get admission to BITS.You can take entry to BITS if you are a state ranker in your particular state.

  • Courses Offered

 Civil, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electrical & Electronics, Chemical, Electronics & Instrumentation, & Computer Science.

  • Placements

 BITS focuses on  arrangement of two placement seasons every year,  which has ultimately made it a preferred destination for top recruiters.  


2) IIIT Hyderabad:-

SIyuated  in Hyderabad, IIIT combines in depth research with quality engineering  education. Founded in 1998, this autonomous university believes that the goal of education is to develop a broad and humane outlook among the  students. Entrance Test

 Admissions to this college are through JEE  Mains.

  • Courses offered

B.Tech programs offers Computer Science and Engineering & Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Placements

 Companies like Google, Infosys, and Cognizant visit this college every year for recruitment. Also, a lot of graduates are recruited.


3) Dhirubhai Ambani IICT – Gandhinagar (official website):-

Created under the state act of Gujarat, in a relatively short period of 15 years, IICT has consistently been ranked as one of the best technological institutes in the country in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics and Communication Engineering and IT. In 2003, an act of legislature conferred the institute with the status of a university.

  • Entrance Test

 Admissions to DA-IICT are purely on merit and through JEE Main. An online application form needs to be filled by the students.

  • Courses offered

 B.Tech. Programs in Information & Communication Technology and Computational Science.

  • Placements

 Major recruiters include Google, Morgan Stanley, HP, Amazon, Samsung, Flipkart, Linkedin, to name a few.


4) Vellore Institue of Technology, Vellore:-

VIT was established to provide quality higher education which would be at par with the international standards.  Spread across a vast area of 250 acres; it has auditoriums, plush open spaces, outdoor stages and much more. It has been one of the top private engineering colleges in the country for a long time.

  • Entrance Test 

Admissions to VIT are done through the VITEEE examination conducted every year. You can also get in through JEE Mains and your 12th class percentage if it above 90%

  • Courses Offered

 The numerous B.Tech programs offered at VIT are:

1. Computer Engineering

2.  Bio Sciences & Technology

3. Electrical Engineering

4. Civil & Chemical Engineering

5. IT & Engineering

6. Mechanical Engineering

7. Electronics Engineering


  • Placements

IOC, Britania, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, ITC,  regularly recruit students from the VIT campus.


5) BIT Mesra, Ranchi:-

The Birla Institute of Technology,  Mesra has noticeably been amongst the elite academic institutions in India, playing a vital and an important  role in both education and research. A famous industrialist and philanthropist Mr. B. M. Birla established this institute.

  • Entrance Test

JEE  Main is the entrance test through which you can get a sure shot  admission at this institute.

  • Courses Offered

B.E.  courses are offered in the disciplines of Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering (Plastic & Polymer) and Production Engineering.

  • Placements 

Some of the employers that recruit from BIT, Mesra,  are Amazon, Google, Yahoo, HCL and other large MNCs and National Companies.


6) PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore:-

The PSG College of Technology is a government and an  autonomous institution affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. It is one of the oldest engineering institution and  it is spread over 45 acres of land  which is economically utilized for the college, hostels, staff quarters, play fields and gardens.It is a wonderful engineering to be associated with.

  • Entrance Test 

The admission to this college is through a Single Window Counselling by Anna University, Chennai and it is also based on merit.

  • Courses Offered

BE courses in various disciplines of engineering are offered like  Automobile, Biotechnology, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, IT, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Production, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics , Production Engineering, Production , Robotics & Automation, Textile Technology, Bio-Medical, Fashion Technology and Instrumentation & Control Engineering.

  • Placements

 PSG has an independent  placement office taking care of the campus recruitment for MNCs and other  National Companies. More than 90 reputed National and  Multi-National Companies visit PSG for campus recruitment annually.


7) Maharastra Institue of Technology, Pune:-

 MIT  Pune was established in 1983, and is undeniably among the top engineering colleges in India. With a total of 400 computers connected with fibre-optic backbone networks and server-client technology, it has managed to develop an e-campus with a state-of-the-art Internet Centre. This is an amazing feat of achievement. The college also has a huge campus and has state of art facilities.

  • Entrance Test 

The candidate has to qualify  the MAHCET or JEE Main to get and admission  into MIT, Pune.

  • Courses Offered

 MIT offers Engineering courses in  almost all the disciplines of Civil, Mechanical, Mechanical (Sandwich), Electronics & Telecommunication, Petro-chemical, Polymer, Petroleum, IT and Computer Engineering.

  • Placements

 Top organizations like Cognizant and TCS are regular visitors and recruit a large number of students every year.


8) National Institute of Engineering, Mysore:-

With an aim to deliver the best and  state-of-the-art engineering education, NIE was started in the year 1946 and is one of the oldest and top most engineering colleges in India. It has been ranked 27th by Outlook Magazine among the top 50 Private engineering colleges in India and 1st among the private-aided engineering institutes in State.

Entrance Test

 Admissions at NIE are according to the rules of the Karnataka Examinations Authority and COMEDK.You can take admission through IIT Mains too.

  • Courses Offered

UG courses in the disciplines of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Industrial & Production, Computer Science & Engineering and Information Science & Engineering.

  • Placements 

Accenture Services, CISCO Systems, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, Sony, etc. are regular visitors for their recruitment needs.

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

9) Manipal University, Manipal:-

TM Pai founded the MIT. It has affiliation of various universities in South India. It has  collaborated with more than fifteen foreign universities. MIT has an A+ category rating from the Institute by MHRD, India.

  • Entrance Test

 Admissions are by rank in the All India Manipal University Online Entrance Test (MU-OET).It is the official Manipal Unversity exam. You are eligible to apply through your IIT Mains ranking also.

  • Courses Offered 

MIT is multi disciplinary university and it offers  16 programs of study at the B.Tech level or the under graduation level. These include the streams of Aeronautical, Automobile, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Chemical, Civil, Computer & Communication, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Industrial & Production, IT, Instrumentation & Control, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Print & Media Technology.

  • Placements 

Some of the regular employers that recruit from MIT on a regular basis include Amazon, Mahindra, Samsung, Supernova, etc.)


10) RV College of Engineering:-

Established in 1960s, the RV College of Engineering  is one of the  best and the earliest self-financing engineering colleges in the country. Run by the non-profit Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST), it is an amazing college to study in. Multimedia projectors and internet facility are available in each classroom. All academic blocks also have secured Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Entrance Test 

Out of the total seats in the RV College,  45% are reserved  for the CET conducted by Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA), 30% are reserved  for the CET conducted by COMED-K, and 25%  is reserved by management,  and  by merit.

  • Courses Offered 

The Programs offered at the UG level are many  in the disciplines of Aeronautical, Biotechnology, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer & Communication, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, IT, Industrial & Production, Instrumentation & Control, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Print & Media.

  • Placements

RV college has a well-organized and pretty huge placement team headed by the Associate Director. Over  125 employers visit RV College, for campus placements & internship recruitment every year and a huge students are recruited by different companies.

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Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

School is the only place where we start to learn about life, and the basic things about everything. We go to the school with the other girls and boys.Yet after sometime, somewhere near the adolescent age, the girls become few in number.Also somewhere during the 1980s and 1990s, the ration of boy to girl in the class was 3:1 or something like that.The educators need to understand the grave gender issues in school. Gender equality is something we all should gain some knowledge about.

Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

Gender equality is that point or state where the resources or the chances come to the genders equally regardless of their genders. They should be given equal importance in several decision making matters. They should be equally valued for their behaviors and professions.

Gender equality is something every school thinks of implementing and its somehow the most important goal but the statistics show otherwise. The educators need to come out with better ideas to help come out of this situation.The educators need to dig deeper for the root cause of the gender equality problems in the school. They also have to think about the discrepancies between the two genders. They need to find out each and every cause which causes the problem.

Some of the problems might be related to the gender bias, gender gap and the adolescent age. Girls somehow lose interest in the science and technology related subjects when they are growing up. That’s how there is technology related gender gap building up. The existing technology gender gap is still one of the reason why we are having gender issues. Also, there are other differences how the men and women use the technology.


Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

Social issues like sexism and racism should also be considered as causes. In the fields of education, sexism is in the form of low expectations for the girls which isn’t quite good for their development.

Gender is in the social and the biological category with every aspect shaped and nurtured at school . we should try our best to make sure female students do not suffer from certain forms of problems.The gender issues everyone is facing in school has made most of the researchers more focused. They are currently focusing on the teacher behavior and the students’ reaction towards it. So they conducted research and started to analyses the views of the school students.

Some of the issues they had to deal with is the gender issues. While most of the students didn’t think it was of that much importance but a few students mentioned that there was some unfair treatment meted out to boys. They believe that the boys are picked out more when both the genders, the girls and the boys do perform the same actions.Both the genders, the male and female felt that this was one injustice done to the boys. But however certain students also thought that this discrimination could be blamed on the behavior and nature of the boys. Girls are generally labelled to be better in their nature and behavior than the boys.


Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

For the last few decades, all the educators have been trying to provide the best ways they can help to make the girls education important. They have tried out numerous campaigns to let the parents know that both the genders can do equally well in life. Besides, a woman can support a family just like a man can. And, the results were positive, most of the parents did send their girls to school to further educate them and enable them to find jobs and earn. Unfortunately, there is a lot of male domination in several industries and this is because of the technology gender gap.

The educators have tried hard to eradicate the gender bias and inequality. But the problem still continued. For example, Suddha Murthy, a noted author and the wife of Infosys founder once faced gender bias when she was in her post-graduation. She was baffled at an advertisement which said that women needn’t apply for the job position. She was determined to work there for that position. That’s how she fought the gender bias while she was at work. There are many other instances where even the men had to through gender bias in the female dominated industry.

There is also one striking difference where the boys in school are being left behind as the girl speed up ahead in a very fast pace. This somehow has changed the culture in the classroom and made the environment more competitive and hostile.Boys are more subjected to the disciplinary action than girls. They are the ones who make for the special education courses. And those who are the having the attention deficit disorder are surely less likely to graduate from high school.

The education today has put on so many pressures on the male gender that it seems it’s just not that easy to live a life of a male.Men and women think differently. This statement has been researched over years and been in fact proved. The difficulty in the relationships of men and women arise because of the difference in the ways they interpret and process the things. The classroom in the school is a perfect example. Everyone in the classroom has to cater to their own needs. But when the curriculum or the syllabus focuses on only one gender, the other people would be left out.

The girls learn things quickly than boys. The studies have shown that boys are not ready to read and learn alphabet and other language skills quickly but the girls are ready to them at the tender age of 5. The boys take a little more time and learn things.The different needs of boys and girls are apparent from the beginning of one’s education. Kindergarten is the time in which children are introduced to reading and writing, but studies suggest that while girls are ready to acquire language skills at age 5, boys are not yet cognitively prepared at this age.

Boys are subjected to act out and thus the problem starts again. They get constantly expelled more than girls for small acts of misbehavior and in fact aren’t happy with the feminization of the classroom.

Unfortunately, when a female does something it is widely publicized for her hard work and they get all the public attention whereas it’s not the same for males. When females are behind a bit, they are attended immediately and when the same issue is faced by the guy, they are ignored.The boys and the girls are equally facing this problem of gender inequality and all the gender issues. We all must find a way to bridge the gap between the male and the female gender. It’s time for welcoming both the girls and the boys to make a better learning environment in the classroom and ne treated equally.

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Courses after 12th Science

12th standard is the most important and the last stage of a student’s school life. After 12th grade, a student has to decide his/her path which he/she is going to take in life and his/her career they are going to pursue. You just can’t afford to choose what to do after 12th standard carelessly. Your whole life is somewhat dependent on what path you are going to tread. You must take a lot of things into consideration and various factors such as your interests, job scope in the future, the salary you are going to receive and opportunities that are coming to knock your dinner in the course of your  career.

Remove term: courses after 12th science courses after 12th science

There are many courses available to students after 12th grade. You have the conventional courses like Engineering, MBBS which main stream, but there are a few non-conventional courses too. Please make sure that you take your own time to think and process youth thoughts well to think well before you make a particular choice as your career.


1) Career in B.SC & M.SC: 

After Engineering stream, B.Sc.programs are what 12th Science students choose often. When it comes to B.Sc. program, the course duration is 3 years. After graduation, one may go for PG course- M.Sc. It lasts for 2 years. Some good B.Sc. courses are-

  • Sc. Agriculture, B.Sc. Horticulture, B.Sc. Forestry, B.Sc.IT, B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. Chemistry,

  • Sc. Mathematics

  • Sc. Physics

  • Sc. Hotel Management

  • Sc. Nautical Science

  • Sc. Electronics

  • Sc. Electronics and Communication

  • Sc. Biotechnology

When B.Sc. is followed up with M.Sc., one may build a good career in Research and Development field in the country and abroad.

Average salary: Around 25-50 thousand per month.

2) Career in B.E/B.TECH: 

Remove term: courses after 12th science courses after 12th science

After completing the rhetorical 12th science stream schooling, one may go for undergraduate B.E. or B.Tech. Engineering program.  It is one of the most demanding program and it has a great demand in the country as well as in the overseas. The course duration is 4 years. After B.E./B.Tech., one may also go for M.E./Match., M.E./ Match. program which has the duration of 2 years. Some of the prominent branches of Engineering are-

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • IT Engineering

  • EC Engineering

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  • Petroleum Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Automobile Engineering

  • Mining Engineering

  • Biotechnology Engineering

  • Genetic Engineering and many other fields


 Job profiles available after completing the engineering courses are-

  • Chief Engineer, Assistant engineer, Supervisor, Consultant and software associate etc.

The starting salary could be anywhere between 15-75K INR per month. The jobs in the engineering field in the government offer according to their pay scale and grade.


 3) Career in B.C.A: 

Remove term: courses after 12th science courses after 12th science

B.C.A. is the abbreviation for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is a 3 years long course. This course is mainly focused on Computers, software and applications, programming languages etc. Starting salary of a BCA graduate is completely based upon a number of factors. Some of the important factors are:

Institute from which the student completed the course and in which college, level of the education (UG, PG etc.), the student’s specialization and the domain of the work.

 Average salary: 30-50 thousand per month.

Job portfolios which are available after completing the BCA course are-

  • Software developer

  • Computer Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Software tester

4) Career in B.ARCH:


B.Arch. means Bachelor of Architecture. Explaining in simple terms, it is a branch that deals with planning and construction of homes, offices, public structures or any monuments.

Duration of B.Arch. course is 5 years. Considering about job opportunities, one may get into MNCs and top players operating in the Construction as well as building sector. Also, if you are creative, you may also start up on your own, designing and creating homes and small projects.

In case of a Government job, the salary will be as per the pay scale and grade pay. If you choose entrepreneurship, profit generated will matter more than salary. There are many successful entrepreneurs who have opened their own businesses and running them successfully.

Job profiles available after completing the course are-

  • Chief Architect

  • Assistant Architect

  • Resource Manager

  • Planning & Design professional

  • Consultant

Average salary: 30-70 thousand per month.


 5) Career in PHARMACY:

Remove term: courses after 12th science courses after 12th science

Pharmacy courses are all about the pharmaceutical sector in the country. It deals with various drugs and pharma companies in the country. It deals with topics such as making medicines, chemicals involved in making medicines, uses of medicines and research of new medicines in the market etc. The course time is of 4 years.

After completing Pharm., one may follow it up with the Master’s Degree- M. Pharm.This is because of better prospects in life and in career. Talking about job opportunities, Pharmaceutical companies are the prime job providers They offer great salaries too. One may also get job in private and government hospitals that hires chemists.

If you start your own medical shop, profit generated will matter more than salary as you’ll have a greater knowledge in the drugs you have ordered to see in your store.

Average salary is 40-60k per month which is pretty decent.

 Job scope:

  • Pharmacist

  • Medical representative

  • Research professional

6) Career in B.B.A:

Remove term: courses after 12th science courses after 12th science

B.B.A. stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. Still, science stream students are eligible to pursue it. It is a very favorable option.

B.B.A. program’s duration is 3 years.

Starting salary of a BBA graduate depends upon a number of factors. Some of the prominent   and important factors are:

  • Institute from which the candidate completed the course

  • Level of education (UG, PG etc.)

  • His/her specialization

  • The domain he/she has chosen

  • Job location

Salary: 45-65k per month.

Job opportunities are plenty and it includes private sector jobs mostly. Managerial posts in MNCs will be a good place for B.B.A. grads to start off. It’s advisable to do post-graduation after BBA for better prospects in career.

Job profiles include-

  • Job profiles: HR Management, Material Management, Administrative roles.

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10 Simple Ideas to Use Technology to Engage Students

Students at school can be fun. They can be naughty, fickle and sometimes (read: always) do not sit in their seats.And let’s talk about the teenage students, the high school students. They are tired of listening to the same teaching methods.Technology has surely brought some great changes in the education field. Almost all the schools around the world are now using smart technology to the classrooms and introducing new and interesting methods to teach students. They call this a smart approach to smart learning.With the advent of every new year at the school, the teachers over there have to re-invent themselves,

Think of new ways to teach the children, manage them in the class and yet learn something better and new every day to cope with the fast pacing world.

The teachers are always thinking of updating new technologies to teach students and engage them. Sometimes they fail to engage students with their words or whatever they are teaching. Of course, time is very important and that’s why we have come up with 10 simple ideas to use the technology to engage students. It may not be easy and new in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it once you are using it regularly.

1. Use videos:

Videos or visuals are said to be more powerful that audio. It means that a child can register more in the brain if he or she sees something. After all we do remember what we see than remember what we heard. SO always try to use videos in the presentations to teach a few topics so that students can learn better.

For example, you can download lots of educational content or videos from YouTube. Or you can also use Teacher Tube which is like the place where you get a lot of academic videos.This is the easiest way to engage your students. Just load the video in your laptop, connect the laptop to the projector and there you go, the children are all seeing it.This can somehow create a positive impact on the child.

2. Make your Presentations well:

You can always make presentations creatively. You can add multimedia and animation wherever you can. Since it depends upon the subject you are teaching, you can weigh how much multimedia is required for the class.

You can add videos, audio clips, photographs or animation et cetera to make your presentation more interesting.Who would want to pay interest to a basic PowerPoint presentation anyway?


3. Online Activities:

Some of the schools have started to provide smart tablets or laptops to their students. This is because the students can use them for receiving the study material and other assignments. You can always make up some online activities and give them to students who are tough to engage. Online Activities can be anything. It can be quizzes, games or anything. But assigning online activities is another simpler way to engage students.

4. Online Mind Maps:

Remember your childhood where you used to make mind maps to understand everything? Yes, the same mind maps. Using online mind maps is a truly engaging for brainstorming. And discussions in the class-rooms.

You can use MindMeister, an online mind maps maker where they learn to reinforce learning matter.

5. Allow the students to come up with something interesting:

You can motivate the students to come up with something great for a better conceptual understanding. You can ask them to come up with a Wikipedia page to update about some topic you shared and the next day or two, you can ask them to present them in front of the class. This way, they’ll build their confidence and bounce back in no time that the teachers will be very happy.

6. Blogging using WordPress:

You can also ask them to set up student blogs. You have WordPress which offers free trial you can take. You can ask them to post anything in the blog. The blog could be around poems or short essays and other things. Student blogging might take some time but it’s worth the wait.


7. Offer some good technology related projects:

To keep the students engaged, you can encourage them to use their gadgets to build some great projects online. You can accordingly grade them on that. The project can be on various things like putting eBooks together or looking up for a solution. You can also give them web designing or crafting multimedia presentations.

There are a lot of software’s which can be used to create some own and good quality products. At least in these ways you can introduce technology to your students and totally engage them.

8. You can introduce games:

Yes, you can introduce a games learning platform. Most of the games are designed so that students can enjoy and learn at the same time. You can use a video game simulation and make them learn something useful. And according to an article, you learn quicker and easily the concepts all the teachers have been trying to teach.

For example, there is Prodigy which provides games to teach mathematics up to grade 8 in places like Canada and the United States. The teachers can make their own classrooms and also send them questions like assignments through email.

9. Simulations:

One of the students’ favorite way of learning: Simulation. You can create whatever you want to learn. The simulations can apply to the real world applications and are pretty useful for a student’s learning. A lot of teachers are thinking of how else the simulations can be updated so that they can know how to apply the concepts better.It is easy and very simple to use and teach9mg is even more simpler to the teachers.

10. Web quests:

Web quests are online educational based adventure games. The students can get to play detective role and solve any specific case. The case comes with certain clues and information, the rest the students have to figure it out and reach to the bottom of the case.


 So these are few methods where you can engage students with technology. For sure, technology does have its pros and cons but the technology has always brought a smile in the student’s face and relief in the teacher’s heart.

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Types of Courses After 10th

Completing the tenth grade board exams are a big relief, aren’t they?

Just like every other 10th grader (oops, already passed), you must be confused which career path to choose and which course would bring you great success in future.

You must have huge dreams on how you want to live in life and for that you need to plan and act accordingly. Before we tell you on what courses you can choose after the completion of your 10th grade, here are some friendly tips to keep in mind before finalizing your dream course.

  • Deciding a course after 10th is one big herculean task. You should make sure your course is evergreen, doesn’t lose its spark in the future and it teaches you things.

  • Make sure you research very well. After the board exams, you’ll have around two months of holidays. Don’t waste them away doing nothing. Join a sport, sketch, write, sing or dance and don’t forget the most important part, research. Research well about the course you want take.

  • Hey, remember that school senior of yours who is now in some really good college? Yes, talk to your seniors and elders about the courses. Yes, their opinion does matter but the final decision is going to be yours.

  • Just question yourself one thing. Will this course matter to me in 5 years? Well, if it does, then go ahead and look out for those kind of courses.

  • Attend different education seminars near you. Someone experienced can tell you about the different courses on board and may also explain you the future prospects of them. After all, career planning is not that easy.

  • Always have a plan B. Don’t lose out your heart if you haven’t gotten into your desired stream or course. Always have another alternative course you would like to pursue. Sometimes, the odds aren’t in our favor.

Here are some courses you can take after your completion of 10th grade. The most popular one is of course the science stream but a lot of students are now more open minded than ever and are choosing the vocational courses to chase their dreams.

Career planning is must for a successful career. To get a strong foundation for higher studies like graduation and post-graduation, a good option after 10th is studying Pre-University Course (PUC). The selection of streams depends on keen interest in the subject.

The first kind of course is the PUC, i.e., Pre University Course:-

There are three kinds of streams available in the Pre University course. You have science which is the most favored, then commerce which is usually for students who are interested in dealing accounts and learning about taxes and all. You’ll also have Arts courses which will lead you to the paths of journalism, psychology, fine arts etc.

Types of Courses After 10th

The three streams are:

  1. Commerce

  2. Science

  3. Arts


Commerce stream is the gateway that might lead to some of the best careers in the world. They lead to some of the professional careers like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and others.

B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) course is the most preferred course after taking the commerce stream. This is basically a 3-year undergraduate degree and is like a foundation course.This 3 years long undergraduate Degree program.  After the completion of the B. Com course, you can go into various fields like different professional careers and other specializations.

The Commerce stream is so much diverse a lot of students choose this stream. It teaches you various subjects like:

  1. Accountancy

  2. Economics

  3. Business law or business study

You can go for further courses like B. Com, BBA, CA, BMS, CFA that is Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner.Commerce is a good stream for those who have keen sense of analyzing things well and coming up with strategies.


 As mentioned earlier, Science is the most sought out course after 10th. There is one specialty of the Science stream. You can jump into any career after taking the Science stream. After 12th if you feel that science isn’t for you, you can take courses like BBA and others like arts.  Science stream is also a door for many medical and engineering options.  There also so many options where you can choose from after taking the science stream.

You have Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science and Mathematics of course.


Arts stream is like one of the coolest streams ever. You get to become all those things you have dreamed of as a kid. Also you can go into History, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Journalism, Fine arts and many more.

You can go into teaching, Journalism, RJ, archeology and many other fields. One thing about Arts is they are totally worth the struggle and time. Many students would take arts to pursue their dreams and they are totally determined to reach the top.

Always take advice from counsellors and elders to choose a course. It will help you make decisions more effectively and better. After all, your whole life is about to change when you take the course. SO make sure you make the right decision and if you have decided then stick to it.

Diploma in Engineering Courses:-

 Well, this was a very famous course way back when our parents were studying. Diploma is a three year course where you do right after your 10th grade and if you want to pursue higher studies, you then take a lateral entry to the college for under graduation.

Some of the most common diplomas are:

  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering

  • Diploma in Textile Engineering

ITI Courses:-

 ITI is the abbreviation of Industrial Training institute. They offer courses where they aim to develop the industrial skills in the students. They mostly offer trainings which are job oriented.

ITI is very useful if someone wants to take up a job in the industry right after their training. The ITI is usually for 1 to 2 years long. Given below are some of the trainings offered in our country.

  • ITI Electrician course

  • ITI Welder course and Plumber

There are other courses like Polytechnic and some others which offer jobs quickly. Some of the courses are Diploma in Hardware and Networking, Paramedical courses. Other than these you have a few other courses like certificate in web designing and others.

So, there are a handful of options to choose from. So choose the right one and make your life beautiful.Please subscribe us for more articles and read our other posts also.

Top 10 MBA Colleges in India

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a masters’ degree in business administration. For those who ask if it’s worth doing MBA spending a lot of money, yes it is worth. Securing a master’s degree is a herculean task and it is a widely respectable degree in the world. Companies around the world need more and more MBA graduates to lead their companies. A typical MBA takes two years of time to complete from the time you have enrolled. Andpursuing MBA in India is an amazing choice. Here are the top 10 MBA colleges in India:

1. Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta etc.)

The Indian Institute of Management is the dream college of every MBA aspirant. Every IIM alumni is either placed in the top 10 companies in India or in fortune 500 companies in the world. IIM is hands-down the best MBA college in India. It competes with some of the best MBA colleges in the world and it is extremely conscious of its standard.  The faculty, the sprawling large campus, placementdrives and everything about the college is at a supremely different level.  Getting an admission into an IIM is a golden ticket to success. The IIMs are the best MBA colleges in India placement wise and success rate wise. You are eligible to apply for IIM through CAT/GMAT. IIM is a Government owned Institute.

2. XLRI – Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

XLRI is another great college to pursue MBA. It is a hot favorite college among the students who want to pursue an MBA. It is ranked 1st among private B-Schools in India and many aspirants start preparing to qualify for XLRI from their sophomore years. Such is the craze from XLRI.  Along with many facilities provided to the students, XLRI has successfully collaborated with different universities around the world like Tulane University, ESADE Business School for different purposes but mostly for student/faculty exchange, research and training. Needless to say, the placement records have been eye-catching all the time. And a record number of MBA graduates get placed in huge companies from XLRI. It is a private institute and you are eligible to apply if you pass the XAT entrance test or if you have written GMAT.

3. MDI – Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

MDI proudly holds the 2nd rank all over India in the top private B schools list, next to the mighty XLRI. It is a great college for pursing MBA and it offers a widenumber of specializations and courses. Several great things about MDI are the amazing curriculum and the faculty. However, the campus is another tale to talk about. The campus is enviably a large one. It spans up to 12 km and the huge library of 60,000 books is something to talk about. The placement record is fantastic and its resources are ultimate. It is a privately owned B- School and you are eligible to apply if you have qualified for CAT, the Common Admission Test.

4. FMS – Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

FMS Delhi is a very old institution and it is a very reputed college for r management studies. It was established under Delhi University in 1954. FMS Delhi is a founding member of the Association of Management Development Institutions of South Asia therefore being widely respected and having a great number of collaborations with other top B schools.  Its most striking feature is that it has partnered with Harvard Business School to exchange Journal of Management Research. Since it’s a government owned institution, you are eligible to apply if you qualify for CAT.

5. SJMSOM – Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

SJMSOM is a B-School which is a part of the prestigious and mighty IIT, Bombay. It provides management courses in different disciplines like in leadership, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, technology management, operations, strategy and others. Overall, the motto of the B-school is very inspiring. It is to develop managers for an integrated understanding of all business functions in the world.  There is a few merit based scholarships from SJ Mehta Endowment Fund to get into the institution. It also acts as a great relief for the huge expense of pursuing MBA. The curriculum is top class and the faculty has high experience in their field of expertise. Since it is a Government owned institute, you are eligible to apply if you have qualified for CAT.

6. SPJIMR – S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

SPJIMR is a great and a famous B-school situated Mumbai. Having a vast and sprawling campus of 45 acres, it has an annual intake of 700 students under various programs

There are also some great, diverse short-term programs which are salient features of this college like Start Your Business Programme and others. You are eligible to apply if you qualify for GMAT, XAT, CATand it is a Private Institution.

7. IMT – Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, UP

IMT is consistently the best performing B school and ranked as one of the best business schools in India. It offers distance learning as well as collaborative programs which is a great impetus to all the budding entrepreneurs in India. Here, the two-year PGDM programme is based on inputs from alumni and guest lectures from the industry experts. The college authority does a couple of interactive sessions with the corporate sector and the college authority organizes a number of events  for recreational purposes so that the students there can have an all-round development. A privately owned college, you are eligible to apply if you have qualified for CAT, XAT or GMAT.

8. NMIMS – SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

NMIMS is a very reputed and a great institution. The college dates back to its origins in the 80’s. It is a multidisciplinary university that offers great programs to pursue. Narsee Monjee has an excellent placement record.  You are eligible to apply if you are qualified for NMAT, NPAT.

9. SIBM – Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

SIBM is a great B-school and is a student driven college. It has a wonderful campus, numerous faculty members and many MoUs with different top B-Schools in the world. It has an excellent placement record is greatly renowned for its state of art infrastructure. You need to write SNAP in order to study in SIBM.

10. TAPMI – T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal

TAPMI was established in 1980 is a private institute and is located in the university town of Manipal in Karnataka.  The course design is based on experiential and methodical learning. It makes use of the case-study approach to simulate situations which the future managers might face in the real world. You are eligible to apply if you are qualified in CAT, GMAT or XAT.


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5 Best ‘Find My Phone’ Applications for Android and iOS

In the contemporary world, mobile phones have become an indispensable component for us. Especially, those who extensively rely on smart phones, to carry on purchases or various online activities, on-the-go, will be in low spirits if they’re lost.We’ve all been there.If it has gone missing, don’t think it’s gone forever. Now, gratefully, there are sundry functions in your phone, whether it is Android-, iOS-, or Windows-based that help you track it. Also, there are a number of applications compatible with Android and/or iOS that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store to trace your mobile phone or tablet.

Below is the list of the best applications available for Android or iOS, to trace the lost or misplaced phone:

1. Prey Anti Theft:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Prey Anti Theft App not only helps you find your device but alsodoes a thorough recovery mechanism to get back the misplaced or lost phone. It’s a greatapplication for Android devices, Windows-based phones, and iPhones. Apart from mobile phones, Prey can also help you get back your Windows, OS X, or Ubuntu laptops. This 100% free App has an outstanding security feature. Your missed iPhone can be locked remotely, using this app. Also, you can take the pictures of the person, using the phone, and surroundings, with the help of the front and rear cameras. What’s more, you can know the exact location of the phone, with the help of network features.

2. Cerberus Anti Theft:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

No matter how conscientious you are, there’s a possibility that your phone is lost or mislaid. Thankfully, there are better alternatives; there are third party apps that can help you regain yourphone; Cerberus, is one such free anti-theft app that can do this. It is possibly the best option, at hand, in the market because of the cool things it can do. Here are some key features:

  • Take pictures of the intruder

  • Remotely capture videos

  • Remotely erase the phone

  • Alert the user on the registered mobile about the new SIM number if the SIM is changed

Note: Cerberus App is a paid one that offers a 6-day free Cerberus

3. xFiLocator:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Now, discover any of your misplaced or lost AndroidPhone oriPhone, through this simple and elegant app. Simply use the iCloud credentials that were used to enable the device that’s missing now. To locate an Android device, install xFi Endpointon the target device. Register for a PIN by following the instructions, and you’re good to go. xFi Locator is regarded as an awesome cross-platform application that does what exactly you need.

4. Find My Phone:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Find My Phone is another top-class Android application that has high-level security and anti-theft features. This App, designed for Android Platform, helps you track down the devices, running on any platform. It’s recommended that you buy the full version from App purchase so as to enjoy theauxiliary features. The App’s navigation feature leverages the GPS of the lost or mislaid phone and locates it.

5. Lookout Security & Anti-virus:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Lookout security& Anti-virus is one of the most powerful Android Apps that can easily locate an Android/iPhone device. The application’s anti-theft feature is so robust that an iPhone’s location can be determined and force it to yell at the surroundings so the chances of finding it are more. All you need to do is install the app, setup an anti-theft account, and add the devices, whether Android or iOS.

  • If your phone is lost, try to track it, using the App

  • When you think you’ve just misplaced it, you’ll be able to see it in the place displayed in the App

  • If you’re sure there’s no chance of repossessing it, lock and wipe it remotely

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