Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

We all have different hobbies such as reading novels, playing online games or watching movies etc. These leisure pursuits’ activities are used to overcome stress or depression of day to day life. We cannot deny the fact that “life is too short and difficult”, so it’s better to enjoy each and every moment with great enthusiasm.


The people who love to watch movies can understand that it is not only about drama. But there are certain more aspects which are explained through cinema theaters. Nowadays the direction of movies and concept behind is far different from the previous one. There are certain concepts which are explained intelligently through the medium of movies. Therefore the science fictions or realistic concepts can inspire you. Hollywood, as well as Bollywood industry, is trying to explore the perception of cinema theaters. This diversion in the film industry can define the power of realistic concepts that can inspire your life.

Nowadays the actresses have become bolder and glamorize. They never hesitate to play action or challenging characters. This can define the transformation which is continuously engaging a large number of audiences.

Top 10 movies that will change your life  character development, knowledge:

Entertainment and character development are two opposite perspectives but merging them in the form of movies is something which the director does. In millions of population, it is not possible to understand the perspectives of every single mind. Thus the narration of movies can engage the audiences to change their life.

1. Mary Kom:
Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The movie is based on Olympic Boxer who is from India. Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte is popular in worldwide areas as Mary Kom. The character of Mary Kom was played by a very brilliant actress named as Priyanka Chopra. No doubt that she had justified the role completely and inspired audiences also. The movie is all about achieving goals. It does not matter how old are you, or what the society will say. But the only thing which can make you happy and satisfied in life is cracking the goals by your determination.

Thus the audiences really appreciate this movie because it is quite inspiring. We all have to pass through the twist and turns and sometimes we meet with failures also. But the final achievement can diminish the whole spoiling factors.

2. The Pursuit of Happiness:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The movie is based on biographical drama and has attained popularity in worldwide areas. The movie was released in the year 2006 and the main character named as Will Smith was also nominated for Best Actor award. The story revolves around the struggling life of an entrepreneur. Smith and his son roam around here and there. The disappointments and never- ending struggling life was a big break-down in his career. And along with this custody of his boy seems like a real story.

This movie motivates the audiences how things changed and what kind of circumstances can occur in life. So it is important to be prepared for every situation and instead of taking stress an individual have to struggle with their goals.

3. Slumdog Millionaire:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

This famous movie has gained popularity in Hollywood as well as Bollywood. Through this movie, the director has tried to reflect the vision of people. Normally every single individual thinks that upbringing in slum areas is very worst. But Slumdog Millionaire is a story based on realistic novel Q&A. The story is about 18 years old boy named as Jamal Malik who resides in slums of Mumbai. The Indian version of this movie is “who wants to be a Millionaire”. It is all about how the boy reaches to prize money and get arrested by police in the cheating case.

The main purpose of this story is that now it’s time to change our mentality. Categorizing people according to our percentage is totally wrong. In simple terms “do not judge the person according to his clothes”. And on the other hand, the roller coaster rides of life will make you depressed but it is important to stand again and again after every failure. It is the biggest strength which shows your inner talent.

4. 127 Hours:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The story is all about survival of a climber when he gets stuck on a mountain. Aron Ralston a mountaineer goes out for hiking. And on the way, Aron slips down while climbing the mountain. While falling down he banged the rock due to which his right-hand gets smashed. The wrist of Aron gets struck against the walls. He shouted for help but no one came to help him. Thus he realized that no one is there and he is alone. Then he prepared himself that now it’s time to get away from here but alone.

Thus he tried by setting up the pulley and worse situations occur when he even drink his urine. Thus know without water it is very difficult to survive. Thus with the knowledge of torque, he tried to plan a proper strategy and at last, he came out from most horrible situations.

Thus in this story, you will find the motivation that how your knowledge or skills can help you to overcome even worst situations.

5. Neerja:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The movie is based on biographical thriller and is a realistic story of Neerja Bhanot. The script of the movie is written beautifully in a realistic way. On September 5th, 1986 Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked by the terrorists. And there was no one who can help the people it happened during a stopover in Karachi, Pakistan. Then a girl Neerja Bhanot an Indian model came forward to save the lives of people. Thus she tried to save the passengers and lost her life on Pan American World Airways.

This is an emotional content which makes everyone cried. And we cannot even think about the situation from which that Indian girl has gone through. No doubt that no one can fill her absence for her family. Therefore it was inspiring as well as motivational one. It is important that instead of being selfish all the time we also have to think about humanity.

6. Zindagi Na Mileage Dobara:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The title of movie defines the whole story itself. The movie revolves around three childhood friends who plan a trip and try to overcome their fears. Thus it is important to face the challenges instead of ignoring them. Because you never know what is going to happen in future. Enjoy each and every moment by accepting the fact that “Zindagi Na mileage Dobara”.

It inspired the audiences and has spread a positive impact. Do not try to make your life full of blunders. Think about your goals and try to achieve them in an energetic way. In short, we can say stay calm and welcome all the opportunities with open arms because you never know what will happen in future.

7. Dangal:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The movie is all about Phogat sisters, they are known as famous wrestlers. The story is inspiring because it contains the realistic biological sports drama. How the two sisters achieve their goals and attain the popularity in the world of wrestling. The financial background was not much strong but then also both of them fight for their right.

Numerous obstacles take place in their path and hence both the sisters crossed it independently. Moreover, we can say the character of strict father shows that he was the main energy booster behind their achievement. The moral of the story is “girls are not less than boys”.

8. Cast Away:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The movie has gained popularity in worldwide areas. This story is all about the survival of Chuck Noland who travels in all-around places as a courier serviceman. Thus his life gets twisted when

he was traveling through a plane and meets with an accident. The plane gets crashed and he falls on an island. It was a drastic condition which no one has expected.

After that, the inspiring story is all about his survival. How he tried to entertain himself by using the waste materials. He has tried to make the use of fallen ball by painting it. Thus he spent his time talking to that ball and enjoyed his journey.

The motivational fact is that it is difficult to find happiness from difficult situations. But to make life smooth and enjoyable it is important to do so.

9. Pad Man:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

It is a comedy film which also contains the essence of knowledge and inspiration. We all are carrying our rituals and traditions without understanding their meaning. The story of the movie is inspired by the life of social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham. The main concern of movie was the use of sanitary pads and menstrual cycle.

How a husband took stand for his wife and brought the sanitary pads for her wife. He understands that the use of sanitary pads is important for proper hygiene. So instead of thinking about the perception of society, he gave the sanitary pads to his sister also.

The story is inspiring because this is a big issue that needs to be solved. In some places, people still use waste clothes as a pad and it needs to stop.

10. Taare Zameen Par:

Most Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life Forever

The story o the movie revolves around the children and his behavior. It inspires the parents so that they can understand the potential of their child. Do not try to rush behind each other because all children are not similar. Everyone has its own choices and talent, thus it is important to find out the unique set of skills.

Some movies are based on the stories which act as a tribute to the human spirit. In these types of contents, there are some motivational facts which can encourage an individual to achieve the goals. Documentary movies are the part of some realistic contents these can provide knowledge and helps to change your personality.


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