How To Restore Your WhatsApp Account In Case Your Phone Is Lost or Its Stolen

Though the advancements in the realm of technology have made our lives pretty convenient, it can cause considerable menace as well once we run into any sort of glitch. We are talking here about losing your smartphone. Even the thought of losing your smartphone is enough to give you goosebumps. It is a nightmare, right? Smartphone users keep all their information and banking details on their phones and losing the phone means losing all the details. In addition to this, you lose your social media account details as well. People are available on various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Etc. where they share their information with their acquaintances. But the problem arises when they lost the log-in credentials for their accounts. Well, such a problem can be resolved following the recommended steps to regain access to the account.

how do i know if my phone is lost or stolen

But, what if someone loses their phone with all their social media account details and messages on it? Real blunder, right? What now? Most of you might have dealt with this situation and we hope that you got out of this entanglement successfully. Keeping in mind the worries of smartphone users who fear that losing their smartphone will also land their WhatsApp account in the wrong hands, we are providing here some golden tips that must be put to use in the case, god forbid, you ever get your phone stolen or lost. Losing WhatsApp can add another feather to the array of troubles with the release of WhatsApp Payment features where people keep their financial details and money. That is why it becomes all the more urgent that your WhatsApp account is retrieved without any unnecessary delay.

First of all, we are providing you with some imperative measures that you must consider and follow so that in any adversity, you know in advance what to do and how to do.

Method 1:

  • If you find that your phone has been stolen or you have dropped your phone someplace accidently, then you can contact the WhatsApp team as well. For this, you need to email the WhatsApp team and mention that your phone has been stolen or lost and you want to deactivate your WhatsApp account. Do not forget to mention your contact details in the email such as your alternate email ID and phone number along with your country code.

  • Explore the WhatsApp FAQs and other relevant information on WhatsApp using any other phone and exploit this information to restore your WhatsApp account if you find any relevant information.

Method 2:

  • You should keep a trusted and premium anti-theft application on your phone. Install any reliable application, follow the instructions and furnish the necessary information. There are applications on the market that let you lock your phone and applications on the phone which means that no one uninvited can use your phone and thus your WhatsApp.

  • You should also be able to use the inbuilt features of this anti-theft application to track the geographical location of your phone. This method comes quite handy when you are using WhatsApp on Wi-Fi network without inserting any SIM card on the same phone.

Method 3:

  • In case your phone gets stolen and somehow you succeed in retrieving it, what if the person who had access to your phone had already deleted the WhatsApp from your phone just to make the matter worse for you?

  • To get the better of such a situation, you should keep a back-up of your WhatsApp chats. Once you find your phone, you can regain the lost data by running the back-up.

Once you are done following any of the above methods, start implementing the following procedure to restore your WhatsApp account:

how do i know if my phone is lost or stolen

  • The foremost thing that must be attended to in case you lose your mobile phone is to call your network service provider and have the sim card blocked. Once your sim card is blocked, no one will be able to use your sim and carry out any unfair activities. Also, ensure that you keep the display of the phone locked with a password protection, face recognition or any other suitable means.

  • Now visit your service provider’s office and have a duplicate SIM issued with the same number. Insert the sim in your new or any other phone and have WhatsApp installed and activated on this phone using the same number. WhatsApp can be used using a single number on the only phone. Hence, whoever has access to your stolen phone will not be able to use WhatsApp on the phone.

  • In addition to this, it is also necessary to keep in mind that WhatsApp keeps your data about chats for only 30 days in the case of the event that you are not using your WhatsApp account. After the time period of 30 days, all the pending messages get deleted automatically. So try to activate your WhatsApp account after losing your phone as soon as you can so that you don’t face any sort of data loss. You can backup your chats using Google Drive, iCloud, or any other suitable means so that you can retrieve your previous messages without any further inconvenience.

We understand the problems that an individual can run into during such a crisis. Losing data and messages can cause a serious mess. Using the above tips and tricks, you will definitely be able to retrieve your WhatsApp account without losing your valuable information. If you are

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