How to Ace the Skype Interview for a Remote Job

Today, the world is all about technology-savvy people. We have become addicted to technology. Not all times, the addiction is terrible. Sometimes it positively does works too. Let us say, e.g. Skype. Skype is marking the era of revolution in the entire process of communication. To understand the tactics of Here’s how to ace your Skype interview, let us begin our journey through the evolutionary phase of Skype.

What is Skype?

How to Ace the Skype Interview for a Remote Job

Skype is an application which favors its users with the process of free and paid calling, instant/voice and text messaging, video chatting and file and the screen sharing features. 2003 marks the birth year of Skype.


Exciting features of Skype which make it the best fit for the businesses:


How to Ace the Skype Interview for a Remote Job


  • The Skype is used for scheduling and controlling your business meetups while you are on the go.

  • It facilitates the businesses with customized participant views which are inclusive of the gallery view, speaker view, presentation view, and the compact view.

  • The Skype facilitates the businesses with powerpoint presentation delivery with high- resolution displays.

  • The add-on feature of the Skype is its conferencing tools which include virtual keyboards and annotations.

The above are just a snapshot of the Skype features for the businesses. Now let us get to the actual point of how to ace your skype interview?


Rule out all your excuses: The first and the foremost step in the Skype interview is whether you are on Skype or not? Be cautious with this question. Your presence on Skype is must if you are a job seeker especially the out stationed person. Rule out all your excuses that indicate your absence on the Skype platform. Some of the explanations are inclusive of having a telephonic interview, lack of proper internet connectivity, and so on. Remember, today’s world is of the Skype users. If you prefer to do your job and you want it hard enough, first master your self on the Skype platform and be ever-ready to present yourself in the Skype interview.


Be professional with your usernames: Today, the trend is to keep trendy or funky usernames. However, be careful when you play with your Skype username. Skype is a platform which is more professional in origin. Keep your name as your Skype username. It imparts the professional allure to your Skype page.


Dress for the best: It goes hand-in-hand that your dressing sense reflects your hidden personality. Realize and emphasize on this point and you will nail your Skype interview. By proper and professional dressing style, it does not apply that you need to attend your Skype interview in a full suit dress code. However, here in the Skype interview too, you should wear what you might have worn in a personal face-to-face meeting. Dressing for the Skype interview reminds you of the fact that you are going to feel the warmth of an actual face-to- face interview.


Be precise with your location: Usually, we blur out the behind objects. However, here in the Skype interview, it matters what is present behind you. Choose an area with a structured, clean and most precisely a neutral background to initiate your Skype interview. If you could get a hold of adequate lighting, that would merely act as an icing on the cake. Avoid unprofessional places such as the basements or sitting in front of a window. Remember, you are not choosing a place for your next selfie. This interview is something which will be deciding your fate. Additionally, avoid the start of your Skype interviews in public areas, unless you lack your internet connectivity. It just lowers your professional standards. For instance, if you are right in the coffee shop when you are about to have your Skype interview, inform your interviewer that you are present in a noisy location. The interviewer shall appreciate you for your loyalty regarding the disturbances in your surroundings.


Headset usage: This might have a difference of opinion. Those who have a headphone with an appropriate talk piece make the best use of it. In public places, it will pull you out from the clumsy noise in the surrounding and allow you to focus entirely on your Skype interview and your conversation with your interviewer becomes crystal clear without any hustles. The headset usage is strongly recommended during an on-going Skype interview process to minimize the unnecessary noise in the background.


Eye Contact: Just as the case in your face-to-face interview, maintaining proper eye contact is the first thing which clinches in the attention of the interviewer. The same thing happens in your Skype interview too. Prepare yourself strong enough to have well-organized eye contact with your interviewer. Just forget that the Skype platform is between you and your interviewer. It may seem awkward to you, but make sure that you keep looking at your webcam. This will, in turn, divert your eyes from your video which appears at the bottom of your Skype screen. If you are using a laptop for your Skype interview, place it over a stack of books so that the webcam falls at the level of your eyes.


Handle your technical faults with professionality: Since it is ultimately a technology, chances of the things going wrong exists. At such instances do not lose your calmness. Stay calm and handle your technical flaws with the professional touch. Remember that the interviewer understands that at times thing may go wrong. If at all you feel that your Skype is freezing up, do not hesitate to ask to hang up the on-going interview call. Ask politely whether you can hang up your call and resume it after the troubleshooting of your technical problem.


Bottom Line: The last key to how to ace your Skype interview lies in treating your Skype interview as your face-to-face interview or what you say your in-person interview. Be humble and amiable throughout the Skype interview process. Pay attention to your Skype interview and drop in clues to reflect that you are an active listener. This sends in the positive vibe to your interviewer and adds-on to your skills. Since it is an interview process, it must culminate in two-Way communication.Two-Way communication is a positive sign which emphasizes that the interviewee is interactive and socialistic in his approach. Do not forget to greet your interviewer right at the start and at the end of your Skype interview process. It just works like an added flavor to your cuisine. On the part of the interviewer, your professional greetings make him feel like you are actively interested in the interview process and a healthy professional relationship. Above everything, is the advice that makes your Skype interview happen.

We hope that the guide might act as a bible for the readers to ace their Skype interview process and they might get what they deserve!


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