Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

School is the only place where we start to learn about life, and the basic things about everything. We go to the school with the other girls and boys.Yet after sometime, somewhere near the adolescent age, the girls become few in number.Also somewhere during the 1980s and 1990s, the ration of boy to girl in the class was 3:1 or something like that.The educators need to understand the grave gender issues in school. Gender equality is something we all should gain some knowledge about.

Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

Gender equality is that point or state where the resources or the chances come to the genders equally regardless of their genders. They should be given equal importance in several decision making matters. They should be equally valued for their behaviors and professions.

Gender equality is something every school thinks of implementing and its somehow the most important goal but the statistics show otherwise. The educators need to come out with better ideas to help come out of this situation.The educators need to dig deeper for the root cause of the gender equality problems in the school. They also have to think about the discrepancies between the two genders. They need to find out each and every cause which causes the problem.

Some of the problems might be related to the gender bias, gender gap and the adolescent age. Girls somehow lose interest in the science and technology related subjects when they are growing up. That’s how there is technology related gender gap building up. The existing technology gender gap is still one of the reason why we are having gender issues. Also, there are other differences how the men and women use the technology.


Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

Social issues like sexism and racism should also be considered as causes. In the fields of education, sexism is in the form of low expectations for the girls which isn’t quite good for their development.

Gender is in the social and the biological category with every aspect shaped and nurtured at school . we should try our best to make sure female students do not suffer from certain forms of problems.The gender issues everyone is facing in school has made most of the researchers more focused. They are currently focusing on the teacher behavior and the students’ reaction towards it. So they conducted research and started to analyses the views of the school students.

Some of the issues they had to deal with is the gender issues. While most of the students didn’t think it was of that much importance but a few students mentioned that there was some unfair treatment meted out to boys. They believe that the boys are picked out more when both the genders, the girls and the boys do perform the same actions.Both the genders, the male and female felt that this was one injustice done to the boys. But however certain students also thought that this discrimination could be blamed on the behavior and nature of the boys. Girls are generally labelled to be better in their nature and behavior than the boys.


Gender Issues in School: Dig Deep for Root Causes

For the last few decades, all the educators have been trying to provide the best ways they can help to make the girls education important. They have tried out numerous campaigns to let the parents know that both the genders can do equally well in life. Besides, a woman can support a family just like a man can. And, the results were positive, most of the parents did send their girls to school to further educate them and enable them to find jobs and earn. Unfortunately, there is a lot of male domination in several industries and this is because of the technology gender gap.

The educators have tried hard to eradicate the gender bias and inequality. But the problem still continued. For example, Suddha Murthy, a noted author and the wife of Infosys founder once faced gender bias when she was in her post-graduation. She was baffled at an advertisement which said that women needn’t apply for the job position. She was determined to work there for that position. That’s how she fought the gender bias while she was at work. There are many other instances where even the men had to through gender bias in the female dominated industry.

There is also one striking difference where the boys in school are being left behind as the girl speed up ahead in a very fast pace. This somehow has changed the culture in the classroom and made the environment more competitive and hostile.Boys are more subjected to the disciplinary action than girls. They are the ones who make for the special education courses. And those who are the having the attention deficit disorder are surely less likely to graduate from high school.

The education today has put on so many pressures on the male gender that it seems it’s just not that easy to live a life of a male.Men and women think differently. This statement has been researched over years and been in fact proved. The difficulty in the relationships of men and women arise because of the difference in the ways they interpret and process the things. The classroom in the school is a perfect example. Everyone in the classroom has to cater to their own needs. But when the curriculum or the syllabus focuses on only one gender, the other people would be left out.

The girls learn things quickly than boys. The studies have shown that boys are not ready to read and learn alphabet and other language skills quickly but the girls are ready to them at the tender age of 5. The boys take a little more time and learn things.The different needs of boys and girls are apparent from the beginning of one’s education. Kindergarten is the time in which children are introduced to reading and writing, but studies suggest that while girls are ready to acquire language skills at age 5, boys are not yet cognitively prepared at this age.

Boys are subjected to act out and thus the problem starts again. They get constantly expelled more than girls for small acts of misbehavior and in fact aren’t happy with the feminization of the classroom.

Unfortunately, when a female does something it is widely publicized for her hard work and they get all the public attention whereas it’s not the same for males. When females are behind a bit, they are attended immediately and when the same issue is faced by the guy, they are ignored.The boys and the girls are equally facing this problem of gender inequality and all the gender issues. We all must find a way to bridge the gap between the male and the female gender. It’s time for welcoming both the girls and the boys to make a better learning environment in the classroom and ne treated equally.

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