Best Computer Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Computers have been ubiquitous since the last two decades and more now. Today, almost every aspect of our everyday life is relating to computers. Computers today allow you not only to get up on time they can help do everything around the house, thanks to the development of AI. If you thought that this is how computers have made our lives easier, then think again. Computers have some of the most diverse and simple tricks that can actually help you to be faster and more efficient when you work with them.


Even hardcore computer users might not be aware of these hidden tricks but these are most helpful in sharpening your computer skills. Here is our list of 10 computer tips and tricks that will ensure faster and more efficient computer operating the next time.

De-Bugging Google Chrome

Although Google Chrome is one of the most popular, efficient and reliable internet browsers in use worldwide, it is still prone to freezing. This is especially frustrating when a looming deadline required you to search important information online, or even when you are watching your favorite videos online. Check out these easy computer tricks that help to make use of Google Chrome more efficient and easy.

Tip 1 – Un-Freezing Google Chrome

Press: SHIFT + ESC

This opens up the Task Manager for Chrome and easily allows you to close unresponsive tabs and browser windows.


Tip 2 – Removing Auto-Suggestions in Search Bar


After clicking on the auto-suggestion in the search bar, press Shift and Delete together and this will remove the selected auto-suggestion easily.


Tip 3 – Dragging Multiple Tabs to Another Window

Press: CTRL + Click

To drag more than one tab from one Chrome window to another, simple press Control and select the tabs you need to be moved by clicking on them once. Once your selected tabs are highlighted, simply drag these collectively and dump them on the title bar of the other Chrome window.

Tips for Other Browsers

Apart from Google Chrome, there are other popular internet browsers in use as well. Check out what our expert-suggested computer tip are for efficiently operating these browsers too.


Tip 4 – Accessing Blocked Webpages

Sometimes, a webpage may get blocked for a number of inane reasons. However, don’t let this stop you from accessing the information you seek. To get access to a webpage which has been blocked, simply go to Google Translate and paste the URL of the blocked webpage.

Next, select the source language as ‘Other Language’ and select the destination language as the webpage’s language and then click on ‘Tranlate’. This is a free web proxy that allows access to barred websites and webpages.


Tip 5 – Selecting/Highlighting Webpage Text

Press: SHIFT + Click

To highlight a specific set of text on any webpage, simply click on the beginning of the text once with your mouse. Next, you need to press Shift and then click once on the end point of the text you wish to highlight.

Windows Tips

Microsoft Windows is one of the most common and easiest operating systems (OS) in use today. Thanks to its efficiency and simplistic functions Windows is very popular. But did you know that there are numerous computer tricks that can make using Windows even easier? Check out these excellent computer tips and tricks for Windows and learn how to work like a pro.


Tip 6 – Accessing Task Manager (with one hand)


Most of us know that you can easily open up Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE, but this required you to use both hands. To open your Windows Task Manager with only your left hand, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC together and get access to the task manager easily.


Tip 7 – Minimizing all other Windows

Press: Click and shake

If you have too many windows clogging up your PC background then this is computer tip will help you to minimize all other open windows except the current one you are on.

To do this, all you need to do is click on the open window and shake your mouse steadily from side-to-side. All other windows open in the background are minimized and your current window still remains open. To maximize all the other windows again, simply click on your current window and give shake it once more.


Tip 8 – Deleting Single Words


Delete is good for removing each character. To delete multiple characters you probably keep DELETE pressed until the entire sentence is removed and you have to write it again, or you probably highlight the words you wish to be removed using your mouse pointer and then press DELETE.

However, the efficient computer tip to delete single words at a time is to simply press CTRL and press Backspace. This helps in significantly improved content writing and editing.


Tip 9 – Calculator Tips

There are several interesting features hidden in the default Calculator which comes with Windows. You know you can do simple calculations, such as additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions on it. However, did you know that your Windows Calculator can also calculate your mortgage payment, vehicle lease payment balance, fuel economy and more.

To access these advanced features, simply click on ‘View’ in the task bar of your Calculator and you will get a list of different calculating parameters.


Tip 10 – Boosting WiFi Signal

Download: Virtual Router

Let’s admit it – WiFi is the lifeline for your when at home, at work, or even when out enjoying with friends and families. Here are several computer tricks that can effectively improve the performance of your WiFi connection, without having to purchase an additional relay/re-transmitter for your WiFi router.An excellent way to get stronger WiFi connectivity and speed indoors is to download the Virtual Router to your PC. This is an easy technique to transform your PC into an active WiFi hotspot. This is an effective way to increase your signal strength and boost your WiFi connectivity at the same time.

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