Beautiful Clothes Which Form Cultural Aspect of India



Beautiful Clothes Which Form Cultural Aspect of India

Beautiful Clothes Which Form Cultural Aspect Of India

Author: Muzafar Hamid

Clothes are part of the culture. Every human being wears clothes according to his her will. Since the desire to wear new and good quality of clothes is in every human nature. The best quality of clothes is known from there brand names. People especially today’s youth generation know all about it. The quantity of clothes does not matter for the best clothes. Clothes are best when they are ironed. Some people find formal clothes best and beautiful and some find informal. Also, the wearing of formal and informal clothes depends on the type of situations, occasions, time etc. Formal clothing is best considered for professional jobs, businessmen, entrepreneur, students, a man who is going for a job interview. Because the formal dress is also considered as a civilized dress for these occasions.

On the other hand, an informal dress can be used at home, during playing, in such situations which are informal in nature. The first and the foremost impact of the dress is on the mind of a person. If a person has well dressed he will be appreciated. At everyone would inquire about him or her. The second advantage of the good dress is that the hygiene of a person remains safe. He not much affected by diseases. He finds himself comfortable in every respect.

Beautiful Clothes Which Form Cultural Aspect Of India

India is a multicultural country. In one at of country, the people wear dhoti and kurta pyjama while in other parts of the country people wear a beautiful ‘Sherwani’. It means that every part of the country has its own style of clothing. The clothing of different part of the country also depends upon the geographical locations. However there is hot to moderate temperature in Rajasthan and the adjoining area, it is very cold and chilly in the Himalayan region of the country particularly in Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh.  The differences in temperature from one state to another also change the style of clothes and obviously influence the wearing style of clothes.

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Beautiful clothes in India:

KurtaPajama: It is one of the favourite and popular dresses of north India. It is also called pathani suit, mostly worn by people at weddings. It is popular in Srinagar the summer capital city of Jammu and Kashmir state as Khan Dress. It is known by different names in different parts of the country such as in Bhopali Kurta in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabadi kurta in Hyderabad, Delhi Kurta in Delhi, in Punjab as Punjabi Phulkari Kurta etc. The name is mixed with the regional languages. But the style is not much different.

Lungi dress: A dress which is wrapped around the thighs of a person is the best dress which most of the men wear. His dress is popular in south India. Now a popular song was also done in Lungi by the superstar of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan in the film Chennai Express. Farmers of the south can be seen wearing this dress while working in their agricultural fields.

Beautiful Clothes Which Form Cultural Aspect Of India

Credit: Wikipedia

 The picture shows father of nation Gandhiji wearing Dhoti

Dhoti: also one of the popular dress in India. People of living in villages mostly wear a dhoti. This dress is also considered as the national dress of India. This dress is mostly white in colour and is about four to six feet long. Also, it has its regional names in India as it is called Dhotar in Marathi, Dhotiya in Gujarati, Pancha in Telugu, Veshti in

Tamil, Lungi or Punche in Kannada. Men wear shirts over Dhoti.

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This dress is also popular in South East  Asian countries like Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Somalia. Because of the hot weather conditions prevailed there the people of these countries also wore this dress.

Sherwani: this is a beautiful dress which most of the men of India like to wear on their wedding. It is considered the best formal dress and is mostly worn on formal occasions. This dress looks like just coat attire worn by men. Below the Sherwani, a tight pant is worn called as churidars. It is tight pant which is very wide along the hips and thighs but narrow along the ankles. It is mostly worn by bridegroom on a wedding. Also, the bride sometimes wears a scarf over it on their head.

Sari: Sari is a beautiful dress worn by females of India. This beautiful dress is draped from the shoulder down to the whole body. Women from different fields wore different kinds of saris. Women wore this dress on special occasions like in weddings, festivals, parties etc. Sarees also have different names in the different parts of the country like it is called pudavai in Tamil Nadu, kavanis white saree with golden is a special saree is worn in kerala on special occasions.

The production of the sari is also traditional in India. Sarees production also plays an important part in the economic development of people, especially of rural area. Because it is often made on Handlooms, due to modern machines the future of people associated with the production of sarees in traditional way has got affected.

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Pheran: it is a beautiful and most popular dress in the Kashmir division of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. it is known as Pheran in Kashmiri language and it is in the form of a long gown. Pheran is mostly worn in the winter season in Kashmir and is the first preference of cloth for winter in both men and women.

Although the list is long these are the most prominent clothes of India.

With the coming of modern western dress in the country. The traditional dress of India has also got influenced in one way or in another way. Though the effects are not so much seen with the visible eye as we see that lot of dress which both men and women were once worn during the festivals, weddings etc are being replaced by western dresses. So the fact is that the dress which played an important role not only to suit our geographical conditions but also in our traditional economy should be preserved before it is too late.

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