The 6 Techniques of Social Blogging Which Can Make Your Blog Great Again

Is your blogging getting in any traffic when you compare it to others? Expert research says that this could be due to your advertising how do you make your social blogging great again?

The 6 Techniques of Social Blogging - Make Your Blog Great Again

  • Blog most of the time

Make your readers develop a habit of expecting something from you now and again. Select topics that will captivate your audience and cause them to want to read do. Do this by making the titles of your blog as captivating as possible. Naturally, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platforms, people scan through many titles before actually opening the content to read. The more consistent you are in your blogging the more the traffic you are going to get.

  • Make a user-friendly blog

Make your front page as appealing as possible. Incorporate features that are can be accessed easily on your page such as the search or share features. This would make it easier for your readers to navigate through your wall. Keep your page organized with clear places where one can easily not the latest articles you have written and an active icon where you can interact with your readers online. If you have edited an older article, have bold word(s) in tag form that would improve visibility and capture the attention of your readers. Last but not least, create a section on your page where your readers and new ones can subscribe to get active emails in their devices.

  • Make your blog unique

Blogging is all about advertising yourself, demonstrating your thoughts and opinions in written form to others. It can be a life experience that you want to share or opinion about something you have come across. As such, you should avoid copying what other bloggers have written into your blog. If you do so, Google search will rank you low on search results and this will negatively affect your friendliness.

Some ideas you could adapt to make your blog unique is using polls. Engage your readers into voting on what they would like you to write about. Let them have a say in your blog as they are the second most important mainstay of why you write.You could also try incorporating catchy phrases or words and explaining them. This would go a long way in rating your creativity.Tease your readers by having them compete in a somewhat writing completion amongst themselves. Like, say, ask them to write on the funniest memory they ever had at the office. This way, you will also be creating a friendly tone with your readers which would positively rank you on top among other bloggers. Another way you could engage with your readers is through reviews where they will basically write in what they have seen. Another way would be to interact with your readers by interviewing them. Asking them questions where they would basically say yes or no or give a short answer response to your questions. You could even creatively write an article from a response from one of your readers.

  • Streamline the discussion

Live streaming is another tool that is yet to be adopted by bloggers. Live streaming opens up opportunities for you as a blogger to interact with your readers from an article that you may have written as has sparkled their curiosity more than you may have anticipated it would. Live streaming would help you get more views and perspective to develop the article and also will attract more readers to your blog. This way, you will see your blog grow in views and it more of your articles will be referred at a later date in the future.

Streaming a blog gives you raw data fresh from you readers. It makes your blog to grow.Remember that you are incharge of your page, it is your niche, therefore, you will be the one directing the discussions.

  • Offer value

Blogging is a roadmap to many readers. It is a means your readers derive their inspiration in their own way. Your writing should thus be demonstrative enough and suggestive enough to your readers.Blogging is about showcasing your creative skills. A good writing is one where you read and along the process, the topic unfolds to maturity and ends leaving its readers yearning for more from what they read camefrom. Thus, in demonstrating your skills in writing, I would strongly advise that you review your writing skills.

Secondly, a good article is one that renders quality. A long article with poorly developed pieces would injure your reputation as a writer and would affect your score on Google ratings. When you are writing about a topic on your blog, again I would strongly recommend that you do a thorough research on the matter then you carefully construct your sentences giving each point its form. This way your readers are likely to even recommend you to their friends and your blog page will also grow.

Thirdly is that you should write about what you care. Many people are inclined to invest in what they feel would satisfy them. Be it some cloth that they are buying or a house somewhere it mostly because they have grown attached towards a certain brand, in the case of clothing, or they want a house that is similar to their neighbors or that they were drawn by the architectural drawings.  In a similar way, your blogging would reflect what you are attached to. An article written from the heart attracts more attention than a materialistic gathering of information just for the sake of it.The fourth-most important value of a good article is proofreading. Going through your work after you have completed it is important. Cross check for proper grammar, proper use of tenses, ensure there are no spelling mistakes and also to ensure that there are no logical fallacies. Make sure that your article is persuasive and compelling.

Lastly, keep on practising. Practice makes perfect. Discourage yourself from being lazy and avoid procrastinating. Be disciplined in practice, it’s the only way you will become a masterful crafter.

  • Spread goodwill

A good name follows its attributes and so does a good blogger. If you are any upcoming blogger, I would recommend that you get to know other top bloggers from your locality. And not only that but you also make an effort to communicate with them via email. Get to ask to interact with them like starting with something simple as requesting for a backlink. They will respond to you positively and word will spread that you are making efforts to being part of a great network.

There is value in an association of any kind as long as it the meaningful kind. When you interact with great influences in blogging, formulate questions in the back of your mind to try and find what  they do that makes them great. Engage them in a deep conversation like their blogging life, how they all started and the hurdles they face along the way. Also, brand yourself to them by sharing a few great article pieces that you have written. Get to see their reaction and let them find out that you can also help them improve.

It is important to maintain contact with your influencers after your first encounter with them. You can do so from other social media platform. Develop an interest in finding out who are the other bloggers that they influence them and also others that are at their level socially. You can also try to engage with those other influencers that you meet. This will make your network to grow.

Another way of spreading goodwill is by actively engages in live streaming conversations hosted by your influencers on other social media platforms. Doing this will give them an impression that you always want to stay connected on the latest developing stories such that they will try to keep you on the loop in the future in case of other stories come up.

One key thing you need to note in the course of your blogging is that you share their information discretely. You can do so by only mentioning links to those articles and not sharing the article directly. Your influencers feel good when you would make an attempt of sharing their content. They would appreciate even more when you recommend them to some of your friends.  However so, be cautious about it as too many referrals will send a message to your readers that it would be better if they got to visit your influencers to obtain the information all the same.

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Online Part-time Jobs: What You Need to Know


When looking for a part-time job online it is essential that you start with job search engines that focus on a part-time and hourly time basis. This will save you time as all the jobs that will be posted on the site will be specific to the keyword ‘part-time jobs’ and it will also indicate the time schedule or on-call positions.

Online Part-time Jobs: What You Need to Know

Websites with key characteristics to help you find the job you are looking for


Which are the best sites to find part-time work? it is one of the most highly recommended site by where you can easily find a job. All listings on this page are legit such that it only posts professional jobs. Their salary goes up to $14.95 a month which is quite worthwhile considering that it is only a part-time job.

CareerBuilder is also another huge site that you can find any kind of job that you want. For example, if you are looking for a part-time job in the healthcare industry, on CareerBuilder you can narrow down your searches to healthcare jobs around your locality which also match your skill set. Employee information can also be found there.


Which job websites offer opportunity to work from home?

Finding websites online with businesses that are legit and pay well can be quite a hustle. takes that out of the question. It screens its listing and organizes them into a free daily newsletter.

Online Part-time Jobs: What You Need to Know

A variety of jobs are listed online covering most of the industries including technical, administrative, service and writing. Some paying as little as under $20 while others paying higher still exist.

1. Craigslist is a popular resource for jobs seekers that can be a useful supplement to your local search for part-time jobs. The jobs posted here are, however, anonymous.

This increases the chances of business scams within the site. With Craigslist, you can find work ranging from contractor temporal work to occasional shifts and seasonal jobs.


2. Flexjobs        

As the word suggests,Flexjobs offers an opportunity for job seekers to have a balance between their lives and the jobs. Jobs here are sought in the following order: full-time, part-time, freelance, telecommunicating, flexible scheduling and alternative scheduling. Its database is well dense with over 50 job categories including account management, communications, human services, project management and science. Its users are required to pay monthly fees for full access to the site.


3. Indeed constitutes all job listings from hundreds of websites including major job boards, top newspapers, as well as hundreds of associations and company career pages. An interesting feature on indeed is that there are forums where the job seekers share reviews about their experience with employers.


4. Monster

Monster enlists its part-time jobs database through searchable keyword, location, employer’s name, and job title. It also has an advanced search feature under ‘find jobs’, a menu where you can access to with great opportunities.

Interestingly, Monster is the oldest and earliest job search boards on the scene. It constituted features such as an aggregator, which have been stolen by others. However, it is still a useful site for part-time and temporary job seekers. Like many other job databases, you can post your resume and cover letter on Monster so that employers who are proactive can find you first.


5. Rideshareapps

It works alongside ridesharing driver with services like Lyft, Uber or Sidecar. Rideshareapps has enabled the worker to set their part-time schedule around other work, family, or school commitments.


6. SnagAJob lists both full-time and part-time jobs. You start by entering a keyword describing the type of position you would like or by simply imputing a location that you are targeting. After you get the results, you can filter for part-time. The order from which the jobs follow will be determined by your location.

Majority of these jobs are hourly positions.


7. UpWork

This is a platform suitable for independent contractors like designers, programmers, application developers, writers, marketers and legal professionals where they can find projects and as well advertise their services to prospective employers. UpWork offers part-time and flexible schedules to workers: Preferably freelancers.



Other characteristic features of websites that offer part-time jobs


Tips to consider during a job hunt

Searching through the web for sites offering part-time is not at all a guarantee that you will get a job that easily. Key knowledge is essential and crucial in securing yourself that chance.


1. First, think about your schedule.

That is, describe the kind of work that you want, some part-time jobs require technical skills which if you took would end up demanding a lot of your time than you had hoped for. If you are only looking to work during certain hours of the day, then you need to carefully consider the job to look for.

In the course of your job hunt you will find that most of them will give you a sense of the kind of schedule you would have. I would thus recommend you apply to things that fit your lifestyle.


2. Express availability

When you apply for a job, ensure that you express your flexibility in your job materials and during your interview. It is key that you show you can work in whatever hour that is required off you. Especially if you are working in the long-term project. Try not to lie about your working hours when you know full well that you will not be able to work within the stipulated hours.


3. Show, don’t tell

In case you are looking for a job in writing website where you are required to fill in few details about yourself, avoid cliché phrases. Rather than telling your employers who you are, show them.

If you want to show that you have previous experience writing articles, you might say that you have written long professional articles. Such information is likely to impress the clients to hire you and as this will clearly show who you are as a writer.


4. Treat the process like a full-time job search

Keep in mind applying for a part-time job is pretty much the same as applying for a full-time job. You will be required to submit cover letters one after the other to demonstrate your skills.


5. Taking the interview seriously

Be sure to research about the company thoroughly as it will help you to prepare in advance. Advertise yourself in appropriate attire as well. Business professional is typical. Your client will appreciate your professional attire. It will give him or her the impression that you are taking the process seriously. It will show him or her how much you want the job.


6. Consider temporal work

Have this in mind if you are having trouble finding a part-time job. You can consider searching for job sites or working with temporal agencies to find a short-term position. Sadly, some of these jobs can last for days, weeks, or even months. However so, take up the chance to apply and work with them. Sometimes the temporal positions can turn into permanent ones.


7. Show commitment

A lot of turn-overs are commonly observed in many part-time jobs. Employees tend to leave quickly, either because they are students returning to class, or because they find a full-time job somewhere else. Try to demonstrate in your materials and during your job interview that you are and will be committed to that position. Employers tend to appreciate a candidate who is excited about the job and is not planning to leave right away.


A short summary of interview questions you would face while interviewing for a part-time job

Other additional questions you would be asked during the interview skills and abilities will be about your availability and preferred work schedule.

  1. What days or hours are you available to work?

  2. Do you have any activities that would prevent you from working your schedule?

  3. Would you prefer full-time employment to part-time if a job were available?

  4. Why do you want this job?

  5. What are your salary expectations?

  6. How would you describe the pace at which you work?

  7. How do you handle stress and pressure?

  8. Are you overqualified for this job?

  9. Have you ever had difficulty working with a manager?

  10. Why do you want to work here?

  11. Why should we hire you?

  12. What do you know about this company?

  13. Why are you the best person for this job?

  14. What applicable experience do you have?

  15. What can you contribute to this company?

  16. What interests you about this job?

  17. What motivates you?

  18. What are you looking for in your next job?

  19. What will you do if you get this position?

  20. What are your goals for the next few years? How do you plan to achieve these goals?


Sample questions you could ask the interviewer for a part-time job

  • How many hours per week are available?

  • How many hours per day is the typical schedule?

  • Are weekend or evening hours required for this job?



23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

What Is SEO?

SEO is a short abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of getting traffic on the web. That is, your article gets to be viewed the most and is shared widely in the web.

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

For any business enterprise, getting people to visit your website is crucial for your product and company development. It sets the tone of superiority and dominance among other companies in the same industry. For your company to rank high up in organic search result, you have to employ the best Search Engine Optimization tool to aid you in placing your website prominently on search engine result page (SERP). Knowing and using the best SEO tool is vital to your business.

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

Getting the best SEO tool has proven cumbersome to many small and large companies in the growing market. Google has, over and over again, changed the dynamics of operation of the search engines. It has features designed to optimize the search results from the uniqueness employed in designing of the URL, contents in the page and the effect the page is likely to give should it be brought up in the search results.Also, it has proven costly for small enterprises that seek to outsource SEO agencies to market their product online.

However so, below is a list of ‘FREE’ SEO tools that you can conveniently use for marketing on your own.

1. Yoast

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

Yoast works best if you have been using WordPress platform. it is capable of running on more than 8 million sites to obtain results and also on 11.4% of the top 1 million sites in the world.  It incorporates many features to help in the optimization ofyour content for search results, such as snippet generator, images titles and meta descriptions. It has been described as the most powerful application on WordPress by its user and is also absolutely free.

2. Ahrefs

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

Ahrefs was created to aid business build backlinks with others by conducting huge analysis on them. It would enable you to perform competitive backlinks analysis, identify the links your competitor is getting, and with how much traffic those links have, that you could also use to your advantage. It would also give you information on their quality.

3. Browseo

This tool allows you to see your website the way others see it. It also gives you an insight into what other websites look like without any distraction from the styles they have adopted.From your websites perspective, it enables you to see things like the order in which you have ranked your items.

Also, it enables you to make comparisons with others and make suitable changes to your platform as you see fit.

4. Copyscape

Some people make it a habit of trying to copy what others do. The same habit reflects in the business industry. Copyscape enables you to see any duplicated phrases relating to your product on other websites: It helps prevent plagiarism.

From cross-checking the words listed under the URL you copied from other websites you can choose to make unique content essential to your platform. Doing so can help create traffic of your product by scaling itup the rank or even for your blog.

5. Find Broken Links

Find Broken Links was designed by Ninja Internet Marketers. It has diverse key features that will make you want to use it right away. Such include: Checking your website for dead links, validate both internal and external URL’s, locate and show the problems in your HTML link, report error codes (404 etc) for all bad URLs.

Also, key to note is that it runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iOS.

6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

It was designed by Google Adwords as a free tool that would give you insights on the monthly searches for a particular keyword, and the traffic there is, based on advertising costs spend on sponsored links. Advertently it would then give you suggestions alongside your keyword.

7. Google-Page Speed Insights

By keying your URL to this tool it would indicate how fast it loads. It will also give you suggestions on how you could improve on the performance of your page. It works both on your desktop and mobile.

8. Google Search Console

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

In few descriptive words, Google Search Console is a tool that would allow you to get an impression of your website after having analyzed the questions that bring users to your website, that is, how much traffic does your site have. It also enables you to send your XML sitemaps (sitemap location) and personal URL to Google. It reviews your index coverage to make sure that Google will receive the latest view of your site.

You will also be able to get email alerts if your URL has an issue and where that particular problem originates from. After you fix the problem, it will notify Google that you have fixed the problem.It will give you an overview of users activities on your site, their reviews and queries based on your sites impression, clicks and position on the Google search,

9. Google Webmaster Tools

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

It has an association with Google Search Console. That is after Google Search Console conducts a diagnostic analysis of your URL and other related searches, the impression it gives is taken to Google Webmasters. This one optimizes your website for Google’s search engine results. It gives you open suggestions on what you can do to make your website better such as suggesting a better appearance of your site’s front page.

It requires signing in to get started. This will enable you to get updates that Google Webmater’s find that would be beneficial to you.

10. Keyword Clarity

It is a keyword grouping tool. It makes it easier to identify the best keywords on Google search. It has a built-in keyword manipulation surface and an interactive tree visualization that works in grouping words. It does this without writing a single spreadsheet formula.

11. KWFinder

KWFinder or “Keyword Finder” is a fast tool that will help you find complex words on search engines. It takes credit from Google SERP in identifying the words.

This app will also help you locate keywords your competitors are missing out on because they may not have the knowledge of their existence. You can use these words to your advantage.

12. Linkminer

It works very fast (within seconds) to give you an alarmingly huge number of free backlinks to your disposal. It enables you to open the links directly from the site without the need to open a new tab.It has improved functions after you upgrade it.


13. LongTail Pro

It is a site that would promise to provide you with thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and also calculate keyword competitiveness almost for any niche.

14. MozBar

MozBar generates instant results about the site you are visiting. It has browser extension for Mozilla and Chrome.

15. Open Site Explorer

It is a complete analysis tool created by Moz. It allows you to research backlinks that would lead you to discover potentially damaging links. It would also find link-building opportunities and view social activity among others.

16. Reemove’em

Remove’em generates a report on over verbosity on the part of your use of particular words in your page. It highlights these words indicating that you need to take action or otherwise, it would list your site to be penalized algorithmically over that specific text.

17. Screaming Frog

It is a small installable small desktop program that fetches key onsite elements for SEO and allows you to export them to Excel so that it can easily be used as a base to make SEO recommendations from.

18. Search Simulator by Nightwatch

As its name indicates, it simulates search engine queries from any location on Google and easily check, and track your website rankings. It is downloadable and you can install it to Google Chrome.

19. Seed Keywords

This is a tool that brings up other suggestions or ideas and forms a basis of long tail keyword search. It first lets you set a search scenario then ask your friend to answer it as if they were using a search engine.

20. Seobility

It checks your website completely, by crawling all linked pages. Pages with errors such as duplicated content are collected and displayed in each search section for easy identification and to make the necessary adjustments.

21.SEO Chat

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

SEO Chat gives you a sure way of increasing your ranks on Google search. It incorporates searches across the main search engines by bringing in the clients into a live chat with you. This can cut across to YouTube and Amazon.

22. SEO Quake

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

SEO Quake works as an extension of other browsers. It allows you to check any webpage for SEO parameters and export the data into a file.

23. DataBlip

Using the keywords and URL of your website, DataBlip will provide you with a dashboard containing all essential SEO statistics about your URL. It has a starter plan that goes for as low as $5 a month.


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Pixabay Mobile Apps – Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images 

Pixabay is a variant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images and videos. All its contents are released under Creative Commons CCO, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist- even for commercial purposes. Creative Commons CCO is a public domain rich in images videos and written materials where its authors have given free access to them. That means you can use them in whichever that you like.

Pixabay Mobile Apps - Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images

In 17th of January 2017, Pixabay launched their mobile phone applications on Google Play Store and iTunes with features such as: Fast search and user-friendly interface, direct download and the ability to share images in all sizes, the ability to send messages and comments that would allow you to connect with others and images that could be liked, favorite and easily managed within the app and also could show tags and camera info for all images. Also, you could easily upload images from your device and as well manage your own uploads. This came in handy to individuals and industries that ran their companies under Pixabay.

So what are the different types of images you can employ commercially?

Pixabay Mobile App Features

Pixabay Mobile Apps - Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images

1. First search and user-friendly interface:-

With this feature, you can search for popular and latest images without necessarily high lighting the category. You can also use it to search for any tagged images related to a business company that you know. Its search feature is actually pretty fast.

2. Direct download and sharing of images from your phone:-

On clicking to an image, there is a feature on the app that enables you to download it to your phone. Or if you have associates within the app, you can also share the image directly to their link. If they are not there, you can share the image through other platforms with ease. This feature also enables you to manoeuvre through one device where you can edit the photo and use it however else you want.

3. Its ability to write messages and share comments:-

Pixabay app has made it easier for any individual uploading their image to Pixabay to actually communicate with people, even potential clients, on a single platform. This way, the parties can make future arrangements and talk of working together in case the need arises.

4. Liking and adding images to favorites:-

Everyone feels good when their product is liked. It encourages them to work more passionately to produce even better goods. Pixabay app has done a great deal in advertising individuals works and thus promoted commerce.

5. Uploading and managing your uploads:-

For commercial purposes, if you feel that the image you upload to Pixabay is not attracted as much attention as you had hoped it would, you can take it down and upload another one. In addition, you can also see how your page is growing from the number of like you images get and other promotions done through your image.

General features of Pixabay

Pixabay Mobile Apps - Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images

A major characteristic of Pixabay is that there are thousands of royalty free and licensed free images to choose from. The requirements of your project will determine the image you will want to use. The collection of images in Pixabay runs from art, animal and nature, mountain climbing to usable tools such as a hammer or a brush.

The Freedom that Comes with Images on Pixabay

If you are running your own business, you should consider downloading images from Pixabay. The demand for free content is always in demand and is growing every day in the current as we speak. The look of a fresh image suit today modern business needs better than traditional stock photography. With a vast array of images available and no copyrights or trademarks associated with it, you can claim any and use it or manipulate it in any way that you so wish to suit you.

Most of the images on Pixabay reflect the direct will of an individual for them to be out there. They show that the individual in the image gave his/her consent before the photo was uploaded and that the photographer was also rightly compensated for his job. Some of those images may have been taken many years ago at some foreign place. So before a company gets to claim trademark and copyright against the use of a photo, should they claim one, due diligence was given to the parties involved.

Once the company is satisfied that the right model was followed before claiming an image is that they may choose to manipulate it in any way they so wish and run it with their trademark on freely and with ease. Sometimes, photographers upload their images to the public domain, such as Pixabay, to attract more audience. They may later come to learn that some of their work was acquired by a company and are being used to market their brands while using others to add a label to their product. However innocent the intention of the photographer was, if they try to instigate a lawsuit against the company, to try to claim some form of compensation from the company, they will stand a chance of winning as they lost all rights pertaining to their images when they uploaded them to a public domain.

Another added advantage of downloading images from Pixabay from your Pixabay mobile phone app is that once you download the images you can edit them, that is resize, crop, merge or add filters to them and still get to upload them back to Pixabay. To use the content on Pixabay does not require you to create an account with them. Be it that you are working from your phone or computer, Pixabay ensures direct access of its content to any users. However, if you are running a business I would recommend that you create an account on Pixabay where you can upload your photos. This will help improve your business portfolio and overall growth. Furthermore, working on Pixabay is absolutely free.

Sampling some of your products to Pixabay is also a way of advertising your work. Big business companies looking up for free best images from Pixabay would consider hiring you or working with you to be providing for them pictures for a fee. Similar to advertising yourself on Pixabay, you may also find that some images run with the label ‘Shutterstock’ with their logo on it. These photos are meant depicts the financiers of Pixabay and also to provide a choice of professional photos.

Why Use Pixabay

On Android platforms, Pixabay is rated at 4.6 based on 5,393 voters on Google Play Store. Its usage continues to gain traction globally. In terms of photography, United Kingdom users have ranked it no. 246. Pixabay does not contain adds, it currently has over 73.6% referrals and a growing 7.2% social preference. It features a filter that can restrict your webpage searches as there are some images that have not been filtered out by its developers but may pose a concern to its users.

About 25% of Pixabay’s visitors speak English, 2015 Spanish, 11% Portuguese, 7% German and 5% speak French. The users are mainly bloggers, graphic designers, authors, journalists and advertisers. Every photo uploaded to Pixabay are checked manually by Pixabay’s staff members to ensure a high-quality standard and avoid legal issues.

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6 Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Blog in 2019

Every blogger wants to see that every article they write gets more views. Not only that but also that they are shard and thus he/she gets more readers to his page. Testimonies from successful bloggers will tell you that their journey wasn’t easy at all. In fact, some would tell you that they had reached a point where they had contemplated giving up blogging and try something else. However, along the journey, they found ways to market and grow their blog.

I shall sample what I call 6 key plans to promote your blog in 2018.

6 Marketing Tactics You Must Follow to Promote Your Blog in 2019

1. Write more

It may come as a surprise when I tell you that as a blogger constantly writing new blogs actually markets your page. In the age that we live in, people are constantly seeking new information, or the developing story that has caught the attention of the masses. Constantly updating your blogs will give you high rankings even on Google search results, as this will communicate to the masses that you love what you do and that you are constantly aware of what goes on.

You could further promote your articles by attaching hashtags that will make it easier for people to look up. Or by writing better titles to your article.

2. Organizing your page

Another way to better your blog is by setting up keywords on your page. Keywords would make it easier for your readers to look up particular articles. Use images on your articles. A picture speaks a thousand words and many people learn best through images. You could look up for royalty free photos from Pixabay or if you want you can buy some from Stocks at a small fee.

An effective way you could also to use to try and adapt your pages to having links incorporated into them. Linking is a tool that Google notices and would improve your ranking on search results. Additionally, the company you quoted in your link would take notice of your action and also share your link next time in their articles. Linking also provides readers with means by which they can get what they are looking for with ease.

Another key feature you should take into consideration is incorporating sharing options on your pages. These should feature either at the top or at the bottom of your blogs such as a share option for Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This would make it easier for readers to spread the word. Make your content easy to read by using plenty of subheads, bullets and numbered list keeping your page neat and organized also attracts more readers to it. And is itself a marketing strategy.

3. Make your page an advertising and promotion platform

Sponsor some posts from other social media platforms where you believe your audience spends most of its time. Bigger social media platforms should be your target if you want to grow your business.

Nowadays it costs to advertise on your platform unlike back in other years where companies would pay you to advertise on your page if they found out that your page is growing. As the trend changes, so should you be flexible to adapt to it. Pay a small fee to a company to promote their ad on your page. Surprise your usual audience with a taste of a foreign article. Have someone write a piece for you and share it on your blog. Not only will this attract some audience from some of your blogger’s side, but it will also help you gain knowledge and other skills in writing that you would employ in your writing. Also get to write for the blogger a sample article. The shared piece on his blog will shed some light on a new audience and would also grow your blog.

People like free things. As a blogger and owner of your job, you can decide to conduct giveaway events on your page. You could ask your audience to share a link on their social platform in return for a prize. In another way, you could create where your audience could win more prizes such as “Toll-Free-Tuesdays” or “Toll-Free-Fridays” where you could give prizes for free yourself or have invite companies to donate or sponsor these promotions.


4. Make the most of your social media profile

  • If you have several social media platforms, create captivating profiles for each one of them. Attach keywords upon them that would directly link the readers to your blog where there can get more insight from what you were talking about. You can also set-up important dates as attachments, for example, a date you will be hosted on a television show or a date when you will be setting up a live streaming on your blog.

6 Marketing Tactics You Must Follow to Promote Your Blog in 2019

  • Live stream on your blog. This is a fascinating way of engaging with your readers more directly. It offers you the chance to discuss a certain topic at broad lengths while also getting their opinion and suggestion on what they would like you to write about next.

  • Record videos and post them on your YouTube account. A pre-recorded account of events will give you a chance to meet new audience in different platforms that you wouldn’t normally encounter. You can also share the video with other sites.

  • Do a webinar. This is another video format which is more of a tutorial presented in the form of slides.

5. Have influencers

Nobody is perfect there is always someone better than us at doing something and we are also great at doing others thing that would normally prove difficult to others. Such as is the case with the world, it is also so in the world of blogging. Some are more successful than other while others are just start-ups. I would, therefore, advice that you find great bloggers you can follow and look up to in your journey of blogging. One way of reaching out to them is by attending seminars and conferences. These events bring you to the opportunity of meeting like-minded individuals where you can learn from them and personally interact with them and get to ask questions of your choice.

Another way is by following them on other social media platforms. Following up and commenting on their posts will show them that you are interested in what they do and they will mention you in their pages. This would improve your social image and slowly expand your blog.

You could also share some of their pages and links on some of your articles. Big bloggers love this and appreciate it a lot. In return, you will find that they will also share yours on theirs. This would help your name to sell.By adopting these means, you can also choose to do the same for small growing bloggers. This would spread out a good word about you. You could also choose to write posts for smaller bloggers, in the same way, it would help you reach out to a new audience.

6. Learn to be patient

This is a virtue that not so many people possess. It the gold mine to succeed. Be it that you want to develop better writing skills or build your relationship with other bloggers, it takes time. Many would anxiously wait on Google search results to see whether their article is going to show up first or be ranked in the top. This is unrealistic of them. It takes time to outdo a competitor who already has an edge over you in terms of experience or superior blogging articles. This does not mean that you will not see results except that it will time for you to see them, you will need to work harder. Having gone through all the right steps by following them up. You can relax and watch your efforts grow with time.

Exercising patience also helps you handle other aspects of business like facing adverse situations. When facing a hard situation it is wise to sit back and consider your strengths instead of being anxious. In the moment of reflection, you could also try looking for opportunities to improve on your work. Great ideas are born in the moment of reflection. Blogging is fun and it should feel so. Your readers would notice if you were drudging in your work. You. But if you enjoy producing the content, that will come across and have a huge impact on your success. Above are what I would consider the most fundamental marketing strategies for your blog to grow in 2019.

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10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A Traditional Job

There are many ways to make a living and one of the newly adopted means of doing so is starting your own blog page. But as much as you are motivated to make money through it, money should not be your motivator in the long term. So there will definitely be something else that will keep you going.

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional' Job

What is so special about blogging?

Here are the 10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional’ Job 

1. You can earn however much you want to earn

Tradition jobs are what I would refer to as the usual day to day hustle. It is that job where you are employed by a certain company to do work for it in the end to receive end month snippets or salaries. It is that job that demands so much from you and yet you get so little in return and sometime you will be forced to shy into your boss’s office to request a pay increase that will still never be enough. If you are lucky, you would get promoted, the job doesn’t get easier though.

Blogging is a different kettle of fish, it is a different world altogether, an online world. Here, there is no one to look down on you, you are your own boss. You determine how you are going to work, how much effort you are going to put. You determine how much you are going to earn individually. There is no limit in expanding your blogging or how much you should earn.10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional’ Job.

2.The alternative means of earning

Blogging is not all writing, there are other ways by which you can diversify your way of earning. You can do so by increasing the breadth of what you do. In the process, you will face a lot of challenges and the need to adapt fast. However so, the benefits are huge.

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional' Job

Another good thing is that the change is all on you. Knowing what to do, how you are going to go about it and what your focus would be all rest upon you. You are your own boss and this if your company.

For example, you could include direct advertisements to your blogging account through such tools as AdClerks or through a plugin like WPAdvancedAds. These means are not only stable but are the most stable and pay the most. Make sure that the advertisements are detailed on your blog. Also, you have an interest in teaching, there are online platforms you could check out. Or you could be interested in selling your knowledge as a service to clients online, either by helping them, WordPress, social media or through anything else you are good at.

3. Blogging never gets boring

Blogging is not just a platform for writing, it opens you to opportunities to learn as you have never learnt before. Working online and blogging requires you a varied skill set that will blow your mind. For example, a good blogger needs to be a good reader. For him to blog about a certain topic, he must have done conducted detailed studies from many sources including books, online and other online blogging sights to help him develop a deeper understanding of the topic. He notes down the key things he understood in point form then constructs complex sentences in his blog about them.

The second most important skill of a blogger is listening. He should have acute listening skills which will enable him to acquire audible points on a topic that would help him in his blogging.

The third skill is writing. A captivating piece of writing inadvertently draws the attention of many readers. The style incorporated and the means of delivery adopted would woe readers to your blog.

As such, blogging can never get boring. Each article constructed directly reflects a carefully researched topic in such that way that it delivers beyond the obvious expectations of the masses.

4. You can work anywhere

And isn’t that just convenient!? All you need to have is your laptop or I pad. Being a blogger opens you to the opportunity of working on other things and still be able to enjoy what your work. Conveniently, you can work from a taking a break at the gym, while cruising on a ship during your vacation or at home with your family. There are so many places you could work from. Your laptop is your office.

The mobility and convenience that blogging office also opens opportunities for you to advertise yourself to the stranger beside you. Catchy images and words reflecting from your laptop are key in catching someone else’s attention.

5. The people you meet are amazing

While you are working on what you love, you are likely to meet like-minded people. You will get new friends and your outlook will also change. Having a circle that understand what you do not only motivate you, but also help you gain an improved perspective on life. You get to interact with familiar minds in exchanging ideas, looking into creating new things, and also just being surrounded by people with great passion. This is 10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional’ Job.

In a traditional job, things are different only few exceptional individuals love what they do, the other lot, among which you fall, are unmotivated and generally only help in making your life more miserable and uninspired. And honestly, whoever made it in life with that attitude.When you do what you love, your life will never be the same.

6. Food for thought

Getting into blogging to make few quick bucks is not bad in fact for some, it sets the pace for them in the long run. Blogging offers you a variety of ways to diversify from in such ways that you would improve in your skills, gain more in-depth knowledge of topics you only understood on the surface and most importantly, you blogging would help you develop a deeper passion and love for what you do. It also offers a lifelong job that is secure. You wouldn’t need to retire as you are doing what you love at your convenience.

7. Nice things to keep you motivated in your blogging

Those who initiate themselves into blogging come across some hardship which if they last for long may completely demotivate the young soul from to continue blogging. Getting small views, some commenting just for backlinks and saying things like “nice post” or “useful posts” to getting negative commenting from time to time can really set a negative to you as a blogger. In other cases, such comments and hardships can be realized a few years down the lines even if you had an early success in your blogging life.

This is a common parlance that most bloggers can relate to. Keep in mind that even after setting your priorities right before starting blogging won’t always be easy for you. But don’t lose heart and here’s how you can do that

8. Blog for yourself first and for others second

Adopt your own style of writing and emulate it. Don’t try copying what another prestigious blogger that you look up to is doing. Your blog posts and style should reflect who you are to take charge of your niche and stick to your style of doing things. Some argue that new bloggers should avoid rewriting blogs that have already been written before. I advise that you look overlook that opinion and write it anyway. Adopt your own style of transforming an old article into a better shape.

9. Start with the basics then move to more advanced things

Starting off with a complicated topic that you had not initiated with a background is a bad idea and would not attract readership to your blog. You need to have a pile of content that makes a reader want to stay with your blog and this means that you write has to help them understand the topic. For example, ‘The Benefit of SEO’ and ‘Why is SEO Important?’

10. Forget about social networking and focus on blogging

I don’t dispute that social networking can be benefiting. It has its advantages, but how would you feel if you read an update of someone saying that they are having a great time in Miami? The answer is that you would feel Miserable. You would also want to get out from where you are and go have fun like they are. Constant social networking can demotivate you and make you lose focus on your primary goal, which is blogging. Your time will come, so first things first.
Forget about social networking and focus on blogging

Have a blog business plan. A plan is vital for any business just like it is in blogging. If you wish to make money, have a plan for how you are going to go about it. Make a content generation plan, a blog monetization plan, a marketing plan, a growth plan, and so on. With time, your blog plan will change according to your readership and needs or your readers, so adopt you plan accordingly.

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10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

Content is considered king in digital marketing, and it is valued only when it generates organic traffic which means it is always important to come up with new ideas and additional points that the customer will appreciate. Today almost nine out of ten companies are using content to generate leads or market their product so providing a well-researched, unique and structured content will help the user to be more transparent about finding the answers related to the particular niche.

But coming with new and exciting ideas for your blog can be a challenging task. So here we are to provide you with some tips to generate some fantastic content marketing ideas for your blog which will remove the hassle of blogger to think what to write and from where to start.

Top 10 ways to generate amazing content marketing ideas for blogs

1. Google Autocomplete:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

It is an amazing tool to find keyword for the blog in any niche. Apart from this is great to find ideas on what to write.Here is a guide on how to use this tool:

To start with add wildcard to your google search such as (_) or (*).

Let’s understand it better with the help of an example, Say if you want to write on top 10 niche then type in “top 10 _” which will show following results

  • Top 10 aircraft

  • Top 10 shooting guards

  • Top 10 android games

It is a great way to start a blog with great ideas related to any niche.



2. Use SEO Tools:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

SEO is a great strategy if you want to generate more traffic to your blog. The tool is mainly audience focus as it shows results of what the audience like to read on.With the help of the right, right keywords, you can easily decide on what to write and that too in a strategic manner.

It is useful and accessible because it hit the focus point of what people are looking for which will help you to provide precisely the content focusing the reader’s needs.Therefore SEO is a great tool to find topics that are in demand, and you don’t need to brainstorm on what the audience wants in the first place.


3. Social Media Groups:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

Social media has reached new heights in the last few years. This growth is a great advantage to bloggers who want to learn, connect and improve their blog. It is one place to track perfect content ideas which are in trend. Feature gossips content related to Bollywood or politics or any other trending feed is the best way to take your blog to the next level.Apart from this join some good social media groups as it will help to connect will like-minded people and ask questions and suggestions for your next write-up.


4. Brainstorm a Little Bit:-

The best way to come up with ideas is to sit back and think for a while. For this, you can either do it alone or sit alongside with others who are in the same field.

Always make a habit to note down what all categories you want in your blog and what are in trending or content readers will be amused to read. Just write down what all comes to your mind and don’t think it is good or bad. Later edit or delete what you think will best fit your blog.


5. Google Keyword:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

Google provides a great tool name Google keyword planner which can be used to come up with new content ideas for your blog. The tool is extremely simple to use you only need to type in the blogging niche. It will provide you with keywords and ideas for your next write-up.


6. Follow the Comments:-

 Comments are great ways to find out what the audience like and what they want next from you. It is advised to check the comments that are repeated continuously or something similar is pop-ups again and again.

It is observed most of the time that the reader left a lot of question to be answered by you. Therefore this can act as a lead on what to write next. So never ignore the comment section as you never know what you find next.


7. Take Inspiration from the Competitors:-

It doesn’t matter what your blog niche is you will have competitors before and after you start your blog. But it doesn’t mean to copy and paste their work instead provide what’s missing, and you feel it’s the critical aspect of the niche. Except this, you can read their comments and use it for their advantage by know what people actually want.


8. Add a Newsletter to the Blog:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

The newsletter is one thing that any blogger should add as it is a great way to stay connected with the audience. The easiest way to do so is by sending an automatic introductory mail to when someone signs up. There are many software’s present online which will ease your email handling.

It is a great way to promote your blog and Facebook page ultimately increasing traffic to the blog. We know that not many people reply but even if only 2% of people reply then it can be a great way to generate a content idea for your next masterpiece.


9. Survey Method:-

Survey method can be a great way to ask your loyal readers about what they are interested to read next.

It is a great way to make a database of topics what the reader most enjoy and what they didn’t like. You can use Google forms to make a reader survey and share it on your blog, social media page and other sources where you feel you will get a response.It doesn’t matter if only one out of ten replies because that one will turn out to be a gold sack for your next write up.


10. Use of Previous Content:-

You can use your old content to get fantastic ideas for your next article by checking the last post which received the most views. You can use the illustrations for your advantage and update your old content with the new one.

So, these are some of the ways you can use to generate new ideas for your next write up to post on your blog.

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Best Arts and Humanities Courses

Arts and Humanities are two different worlds yet connected. They are like fodder to the raging fire inside an artist. Any form of artist. To sketch is to do art, to sing is to do art, to write is to create magic and to dance is to art. There are so many forms of art and there are so many courses in humanities.

A lot of students prefer Arts and Humanities because the courses make them happy. Art is anything you can create. For example, humans are a work of art. We were made by the supernatural force. We are forms of art. And Humanities is like an overall term for anything which doesn’t involve much or any science in the subject. It can be history, political science, civics or anything else.

Humanities courses are actually important in everyone’s life. It teaches us to be more courageous and build our interpersonal skills. It encourage us to do things uniquely and enable us to think out of the box. They teach us to reason and question everything we can in this life and think critically at any juncture. They teach us to live life in proper yet in a subtle way.

Humanities is basically or can be known as the study of human culture and their behaviors and mannerisms. Humanities courses are widely available in scope and it mainly focuses on the cultures and behaviors around the globe. The humanities courses are in huge demand.

 Art is all about painting and drawing, sculpting, designing and many more. It also includes courses in computer art, music, dance, opera, theatre, films, animation, writing and many more.Students who are hell bent in taking the arts or humanities courses will only succeed in life.  After all, life’s tough.A lot of people are in dilemma what degree course should they opt for. They are also puzzled what to take course they have to take. Again, they are in another confusion whether they take arts with math or without math.But, here in this article we have collected loads of courses you can do in the stream of Arts and Humanities.

Here are some of the categories of Art:

Best Arts and Humanities Courses

Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Architecture, Weaving, Conceptual arts

You can also take games like designing them and animation is also a great career. You can also start off in a course about culinary arts. Also you can be offered positions like Chef, Catering, Event Management and others.

Art is done in four stages. The first being under graduation, Post-graduation, doctoral and diploma courses.There are a few other courses you can always opt for which are quite good and the best courses in the arts and humanities stream.

You can check out the list below for reference:-

Air Hostess, Animation Film making, Animation master, animation standard, 3d animation, advance diploma in #C animation expert, 3D animation advance diploma and in Fashion designing.

You also have architecture, interior designing, jewellery designing

  • Advance Diploma in Interior Designing

  • Advance Hair Diploma Holder

  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Animation (Diploma in VFX & Animation)

  • Advanced Diploma in Multimedia

  • Artistic-Basic Jeweler Design Programmed

  • A. (Honors in Political Science)

  • A. (Hons.) Economics

  • A. (Hons.) Humanities and Social Sciences

  • A (Hons) Marketing

  • A (Hons.) in Marketing Management

  • A. (Hons.) in Social Work

  • A. (Hons) English

  • A. Programmed with Functional Hindi

  • Sc. Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design

  • A (Honors in Sociology)

  • A (Honors) Economics

  • A (Honors) History

  • A (Hons) English

  • A. Journalism

  • A (Media & Communication)

  • A (Psychology)

  • A – Tourism, History & Journalism

  • A Economic (Hons)

  • A Hons in English Economics and Hindi

  • A LLB

  • A (English)

  • A. (Apparel Design & Merchandising)

  • A. (Economics)

  • A. (Economics, English, Politics)

  • A. (Fine Arts)

  • A. (H) English with Journalism

  • A. (Sociology)

  • A. Economics

  • A. Hons

  • A. in Mass Communication (BMC)

  • A. LL.B.

  • A. LL.B. (Hons.)

  • A. Philosophy Hons.

  • Advanced Editing

After the long list of arts courses, here are a few humanities course everyone could enroll and learn about something about cultures and stuff like that.

You may get so many opportunities to study abroad about these courses. The curriculum there is quite holistic and nice. You can also do post-graduation or a doctorate in abroad.

The following are the main categories Humanities courses can depend on to.They are art. History, cultural values, social movements and philosophy.

Here are the best Humanity courses:-

Best Arts and Humanities Courses

Western Culture Course:-

This Western Culture Course is all about how diverse the western culture is. its overview has a very large introduction to various departments like art, literature, philosophy, psychology, and the birth of the western culture. Probably one ofthe nicest programs offered in India.

World Mythology Course:-

Mythology. Mythology is very ancient and most of our life lessons are learnt from various mythologies. It can also have viewed in the dimension of the ideals and values of the mythology in the world. There are many legends and folktales in the part of study and this is definitely one of the best courses in the whole of humanities world. In the World Mythology, you can study about Egyptian, Indian, American, Ion- Afro mythologies.

Arts in 20th Century Western Culture Course:-

Arts in the last century, that is the 2oth century have been quite eventful. You have the observations of art and literature and they are placed on the social and aesthetic values in this course.

Non-Western Culture Course:-

This Non Western Culture Course act as the introduction to some of the largest and highly populated people in the world. Philosophe and visual arts are once they compare and contrast of the western culture.

Modern European Humanities Course:-

Students study this course to gain knowledge about literary, dramatic, political cultures of Europe. Their philosophies and histories are something which takes everyone with joy to know more about it.You basically study case studies and references related to the European countries like other countries.And make sure you are making the right choice while selecting the arts and humanities courses. After all, make your life and career beautiful by choosing the right courses. I hope this article did halo in getting all the information you need about them.

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Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

The elite colleges of MBA in India are trying to keep up the quality of the management education  offered in their colleges. They are trying to achieve global standards by providing top notch facilities and the best and state of art infrastructure to the students.

Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

The colleges are aiming to make their curriculum full of case studies and practical situations so that the students are ready to face the industry and the real world problems.

Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

These are some of the best MBA colleges worth joining to make your life and career beautiful:

  • FMS Delhi:

    CAT 2017 cut off for admission in 2018: 98 percentiles.Placement drive average salary 2017: Rs.20.60 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch: Rs.25000 in two installments. So the fee payable is 50,000.They accept admissions based on XAT, CAT, GMAT

  • MDI Gurgaon:

    MDI Gurgaon accepts admission if the candidate has appeared for XAT or CAT. The fee for the 2018-2020 batch is 19.91 L and the average salary given in the placement drive was 18L. CAT 2017 cutoff was 94 percentiles.

  • SPJIMR, Mumbai

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 92% ; Average Salary for Placement 2017: Rs.20.9 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch: Rs.16 lakhs. Accepting XAT, CMAT, MAT scores: XAT 2018

  • IMI New Delhi

    CAT 2017: 90 percentile.Placement drive average salary, 2017: Rs.12.54 lakhs. Fee ,2018-20 batch: Rs.15.41 lakhs. They accept admissions based on CAT and XAT scores.

  • B-school: IMT Ghaziabad

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 90%. Placement salary 2017: Rs.11.26 lakhs. Fee, 2018-20 batch: Rs.16.50 lakhs. They accept admission based on XAT and CAT scores.

  • XIM Bhubaneshwar

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 91%. Placement average salary or the median salary 2016: Rs.13.18 lakhs. Fee of the 2018-20 batch: Rs.16.70 lakhs. They accept admissions based on XAT, CMAT, MAT scores

  • JBIMS Mumbai

    CAT 2017 cut off for the admission 2018: 96 percentile. Placement average or median salary 2017: Rs.18.76 lakhs. Fee for the 2018-20 batch: Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. They accept admissions based on the CMAT, MAT, MAHCET scores.

  • GIM Goa

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 85 percentile. for Placement average salary or medium salary 2017: Rs.9.30 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch is 9.79 lacs per annum. And the course is for two years. They accept XAT, CAT, CMAT, MAT scores for the admission process.

  • TAPMI, Manipal

    CAT 2017 cut off for admission process in 2018: 80%. Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.10.05 lakhs. Fee for 2018-20 batch: Rs.13 lakhs per annum. The accept admissions based on XAT, CMAT, GMAT, CAT.

  • K J Somaiya, Mumbai

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 86 percentile. Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rest. 9.19 lakhs per annum which is pretty decent. Fee for the 2018-20 batch joining is Rs.11.93 lakhs per annum. They accept admissions based on XAT, CMAT, GMAT scores.

  • IFMR, Chennai

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 80 percentiles. Average Salary for Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.9 lakhs. Fee for the 2018-20 joining batch: Rs.12 lakhs per annum. They accept admissions based on the qualification of XAT, CAT, GMAT.

  • FORE New Delhi

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 85%. Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.9.40 lakhs. Fee for the joining 2018-20 batch: Rs.14.90 lakhs per annum. They accept XAT, CMAT.GMAT scores based on the qualification of the exam.

  • Great Lakes, Chennai (1-year program)

    Since it is a one-year program, the admission status is usually open till November ending for the new batch. CAT 2017 cut off for the admission in 2018: 85%.  Placement average or median salary in the year 2017: Rs.12.33 lakhs. Fee for 2017-19 batch was Rs.18.94 lakhs which is close to 19lacs per annum. They accept admissions based on CAT, XAT, GMAT.

  • IRMA, Anand

    The admission status for the IRMA college is usually open till the December end for join the next year. CAT 2017 cut off for the admission in 2018 is 80 percentiles. Placement average salary or median salary in the year of 2017: Rs.10.20 lakhs per annum. Fee for the students joining in the 2018-20 batch: Rest. 11.50 lakhs per annum. The admissions are only accepted if the candidates are qualified for the XAT, CMAT, GMAT, MAT and if they additionally appear for IRMASAT.

  • IMNU, University, Ahmedabad

    Admission status: Open till Jan 9 The admissions for the new batch joining are usually open till the first week of the January. CAT 2017 cut off for the admission of the new batch in 2018: 80%. Placement average salary or median salary for the year 2017: Rs.8 lakhs per annum. Fee for the joining students in the 2018-20 batch: Rs.10.46 lakhs per annum. Admissions are based on XAT, CMAT, GMAT scores.

  • MICA, Ahmedabad

    CAT 2017 cut off in admission 2018: 80 percentile. Placement average salary in  2017: Rs.12.65 lakhs per annum. Fee for the 2018-20 batch is  Rs.11.85 lakhs for one year. They accept admissions based on the qualification of XAT, CAT, MAT scores.

The following colleges are known for offering top salaries during the placement drives:

Top 10 MBA Colleges with Cutoff Marks in India

1. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, Delhi

Highest salary offered was 66 lacs! Best pplacements in India other than the IIMs.

2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

More than 160 companies made 450 offers at IIM Bangalore final placement 2016 for the PGP 2014-16 programs.

3. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

The IIM Ahmedabad students have grabbed the highest package of 1.02 crore rupees of an international firm. It was of the PGP 2014-206 batch. The domestic, i.e. the national package was of 48 lacs per annum.

4. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Average salary: 16.5 lacs. Highest salary offered was around 65-70 lacs if converted into rupees.

5. XLRI Jamshedpur

Average salary: 19 lacs per annum. Best MBA college after the IIMs

6. Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Average salary: 11 lacs

Highest salary: 18 lacs

7. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Highest package was 32 lacs. Average package was 16 lacs per annum. All its 444 students got placed last year.

8. Indian Institute of Management, Indore

IIM Indore has managed to achieve 100% placement of the latest batch.

Average salary offered was 16.5 lacs per annum.

9. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Average salary: 17.1 lacs per annum.

10. National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai

 Average salary: 16.6 lacs. Highest salary offered: 33 lacs

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