7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

Now-a-days everyone is familiar with incidents of natural and uncertain disaster, there is a need to explore faster and more effective methods of activating relief efforts. Communications technologies — including social media and mobile apps — play an effective role in emergency rescue efforts, as well as overall personal safety.

Alex Schultz, Facebook’s vice president of growth, says that “communication is critical in moments of crisis.” As social media is very popular now-a-days, emergency response and quick communication are possible through social media apps.

Below is the list of 7 Essential Personal Safety Apps


1. Line Messenger

7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

Line Messenger is a free app for instant communication on any kind of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet and personal computers. Line users exchange images, texts, audio & video and provide free video conferences and VoIP conversations. Line launched in Japan in 2011, reaching 100 million users within eighteen months and 200 million users only six months later Months later, LINE Messenger, a subsidiary of South Korean internet company Naver, was launched. LINE soon became the world’s fastest-growing social network in the area – exceeding Twitter within a year by providing free IM and calling through various devices. Actually LINE has helped thousands of users keep in contact in emergency situations.

2. Guardly

7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

Guardly was founded in 2010 by Josh Sookman. When you’re traveling to far distance for any business, in a parking garage with weak cellular coverage or sitting at your desk, This app Guardly alerts and connects you with your company/organization’s safety & security operations instantly.

Launching Guardly activates its capability for location detection, transmitting real-time GPS and indoor positioning within buildings, provides two-way communication with private security, 911 authorities and safety groups.

Administrators within your organization may also communicate with you by sending mobile alerts based on your location ensuring relevant and secured messages in case of an emergency.

3.  ICE: In Case of Emergency

 7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

The ICE app stores important information for first responders and hospital staff to use in case of an emergency including emergency contacts, doctor information, medical condition, insurance information and anything else you would like to provide. If you had met with an accident and unable to unlock your phone, the app can still be used. The ICE lock screen includes an optional “if found” message in case you lose your phone.”7 Essential Personal Safety Apps”

This app works as a digital emergency card that emergency responders can check in case you can’t communicate verbally.ICE Standard, “the official in case of emergency standard card app,” puts your health information on the lock screen of your phone so first responderss can know all your information at a glance. However, it’s always recommended to have a physical emergency card in case your phone is severely damaged, overlooked or dead.ICE also has a feature called Smart911 that sends your digital emergency card to operators when you call 911 and ask for help.The app is currently available in 13 languages which allow users to switch between them in case an emergency arise.

4. Life360

 7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

Life360 , a family networking app, was launched in 2008. It is a location-based service that allows family members to share their location with each other, and easily communicate throughout the day. The app has millions of registered families. It also has the ability to connect any family member who might be trapped and needs help.”7 Essential Personal Safety Apps”

Life360 lets a family set up a private network, then with a click of a button. They can let each other know where they are and if they’re safe. During natural disasters, many people can’t reach their loved ones on their cell-phones. Still, now-a-days Lakhs of people could instantly tell their loved ones that they were fine using Life360.

This application is available on Android, iPhone  and Windows Phones. A user can download this app for free.

This application also has a panic alert feature which can be activated to contact family members immediately via text, email or voice call to provide victim’s present location.

5. SirenGPS

 7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

SirenGPS is another GPS-based app that brings together collaborative emergency communication, response and management by connecting to 911 and send your location to the police, paramedics or even firefighters instead of contacting your loved ones/family members. Whenever you’re going to an unsafe area / an unfamiliar place, you can keep the app open and if you are into trouble you can press one of three buttons: Fire, Ambulance or Police. You need to create a profile with all your personal information when you install this application in your cellphone, emergency responders will receive your location and dispatch help.”7 Essential Personal Safety Apps”

6. Disaster Alert

 7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

Disaster Alert (Developed by PDC- Pacific Disaster Center):

This app which possesses ‘Active Hazards’, an interactive map which shows real-time disaster related alerts collected from disaster areas with details such as potential threats to property, people or assets via PDC DisasterAWARE application.

The application covers global Tsunami, Storm, Earthquake, Floods, Volcano and even manmade disasters. The company says that the upcoming updated version of this application will include wildfire alerts as well.

7. Red Panic Button

 7 Essential Personal Safety Apps

The Red Panic Button application offers all the citizens a higher security in our society. As a mobile device application, it offers all the users safety guidance in unknown location (using a GPS option) and helps people to be safe while moving or working. This is the way to use the Red Panic Button.

This user-centered Early Warning and Vulnerability Alert System (EWVAS), Red Panic Button, allows one-to-many mode of communication.

By pushing the Red Button the application will send user’s current location(in the form of a Google Maps link) to all the contact numbers saved in user’s Red panic contact list through standard SMS. Such application is really a true life saver in our society.

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