5 Valuable Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

If you think that your smartphone is working perfectly and it has no malware, spyware and virus then think again. The conventional type of virus and bacteria lurking in your phone are dangerous to your health. Many years ago, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine conducted a study on this phenomenon. The scary findings indicated that over 92% of mobile phones tested positive for bacteria on them. Worse than this, around 16% of the phones also tested positive for E. coli on them.

We are so caught up in ensuring that our smartphones are free of online threats that we don’t even imagine that it could still cause physical illness.

Our experts got together and brainstormed ways to cleaning smartphone. After a lengthy session our experts boiled down all the factors into five simple tips on how to clean smartphone.

Tip 1 – Washing your hands:

5 Valuable Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

This is one of the most basic, yet uncommon, hygiene habits that we all need to inculcate into our daily lives. Unfortunately, owing to our fast lifestyle and other habits, we just don’t take the time out to regularly wash our hands.

Your phone is rarely used by others, so ensuring that it does not get bacteria or other germs on it by regularly washing your hands is the basic fundamental principle. The same study found that the phones got the bacteria from their users’ hands.

Tip 2 – Wiping your phone:

5 Valuable Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

This is also another obvious-sounding tip that we mostly forget in our tight daily schedule. Experts advise to wipe down your phone at every chance you get. It is best-advised to use a micro-fiber napkin or a similar piece of cloth to cleaning smartphone.

Although you can’t use conventional disinfectant to clean your smartphone we have a simple trick to make your very own homemade smartphone wipe. All you need is a small, empty spray bottle, around 80 ml of 70% rubbing alcohol, and the same amount of distilled water. Distilled water is recommended instead of normal tap water as it will not leave a residue behind once the cleaning is done. If you can’t get your hands on rubbing alcohol then you can mix equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water. This will help to keep things organic but will come with a strong odor.

Tip 3 – Cleaning your screen:

5 Valuable Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

Smartphone manufacturers suggest using a ‘soft, lint-free cloth’ to wipe the smartphone/tablet screens. It is inadvisable to use anything which can be abrasive when cleaning your smartphone screen as it will add tiny but visible scratches to it

It is advised to wipe your phone screen regularly. It avoids scratches and also keeps your phone screen free of germs and bacteria.

Tip 4 – Using Q-Tips and Toothpicks:

5 Valuable Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

The small, sleek design of your smartphone provides numerous nooks and tiny crannies for dirt, dust, germs and bacteria to collect in. You soft wipe of cloth will certainly not reach in such tight spaces.

A plain wooden toothpick works wonderfully to remove the debris collected between the phone’s screen and its chassis (body). The sharp end of the toothpick is sufficient to reach in the tiny crevice and remove the dirt collected within.

Once you are sure that the visible debris are completely removed it is advisable to do the same process to the tiny crevice using a Q-Tip. The fine cotton fibers on the bud help to remove any remainder debris from it.

Tip 5 – Investing in UV Sanitizer:

5 Valuable Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Clean

This is one of the most efficient solutions and perfect answer to how to clean smartphone. Although a UV sanitizer might seem too much for others, the germaphobic within other users will certainly get satisfied with this gadget.

Our experts recommend choosing from any of the top UV sanitizers available, such as CellBlaster’s Universal UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, PhoneSoap and EasyCare Portable Multiuse UV Sterilizer.

* Extra Tip *

Last, but not least, our experts highly recommend that you take the same care of your earphone/earbuds. If you don’t want to buy the UV sanitizer to easily clean your earphones, you can use a soft cloth, dipped in mild dish soap with water to clean them effectively. If your earphones come with a silicon cover, then remove the cover and use an old but clean toothbrush to clean them separately. Allow your headphones to dry completely before plugging them in.

Hopefully these tips on how to clean smartphone were easy enough and now you can keep your smartphone devices clean and healthy.

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