5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

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5 Best ‘Find My Phone’ Applications for Android and iOS

In the contemporary world, mobile phones have become an indispensable component for us. Especially, those who extensively rely on smart phones, to carry on purchases or various online activities, on-the-go, will be in low spirits if they’re lost.We’ve all been there.If it has gone missing, don’t think it’s gone forever. Now, gratefully, there are sundry functions in your phone, whether it is Android-, iOS-, or Windows-based that help you track it. Also, there are a number of applications compatible with Android and/or iOS that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Store to trace your mobile phone or tablet.

Below is the list of the best applications available for Android or iOS, to trace the lost or misplaced phone:


1. Prey Anti Theft:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Prey Anti Theft App not only helps you find your device but alsodoes a thorough recovery mechanism to get back the misplaced or lost phone. It’s a greatapplication for Android devices, Windows-based phones, and iPhones. Apart from mobile phones, Prey can also help you get back your Windows, OS X, or Ubuntu laptops. This 100% free App has an outstanding security feature. Your missed iPhone can be locked remotely, using this app. Also, you can take the pictures of the person, using the phone, and surroundings, with the help of the front and rear cameras. What’s more, you can know the exact location of the phone, with the help of network features.

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2. Cerberus Anti Theft:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

No matter how conscientious you are, there’s a possibility that your phone is lost or mislaid. Thankfully, there are better alternatives; there are third party apps that can help you regain yourphone; Cerberus, is one such free anti-theft app that can do this. It is possibly the best option, at hand, in the market because of the cool things it can do. Here are some key features:

  • Take pictures of the intruder
  • Remotely capture videos
  • Remotely erase the phone
  • Alert the user on the registered mobile about the new SIM number if the SIM is changed

Note: Cerberus App is a paid one that offers a 6-day free Cerberus

3. xFiLocator:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Now, discover any of your misplaced or lost AndroidPhone oriPhone, through this simple and elegant app. Simply use the iCloud credentials that were used to enable the device that’s missing now. To locate an Android device, install xFi End point on the target device. Register for a PIN by following the instructions, and you’re good to go. xFi Locator is regarded as an awesome cross-platform application that does what exactly you need.

4. Find My Phone:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Find My Phone is another top-class Android application that has high-level security and anti-theft features. This App, designed for Android Platform, helps you track down the devices, running on any platform. It’s recommended that you buy the full version from App purchase so as to enjoy the auxiliary features. The App’s navigation feature leverages the GPS of the lost or mislaid phone and locates it.

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5. Lookout Security & Anti-virus:-

5 Best Find My Phone Applications for Android and iOS

Lookout security& Anti-virus is one of the most powerful Android Apps that can easily locate an Android/iPhone device. The application’s anti-theft feature is so robust that an iPhone’s location can be determined and force it to yell at the surroundings so the chances of finding it are more. All you need to do is install the app, setup an anti-theft account, and add the devices, whether Android or iOS.

  • If your phone is lost, try to track it, using the App
  • When you think you’ve just misplaced it, you’ll be able to see it in the place displayed in the App
  • If you’re sure there’s no chance of repossessing it, lock and wipe it remotely

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