5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android

5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android

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5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android

5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android

The physical version of email is known as Faxing. When we pop up some stuff into a machine and the machine prints out the stuff somewhere else. The technology was dying and backdated because email is way better and efficient to work with. However, some uses are still there for it. There are many companies and government entities those who still require to fax things from time to time. Thus, it’s not at all outside the realm of possibility that one will need. Now in Modern technology, We can send faxes using our Android device for fairly at a very cheap charge or in some cases it’s even

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non-chargeable. In our recently increasing paperless world, we have work with faxes more than a few times per year, and that’s all. An applaud to thanks for free web services, though, it’s easy to send faxes online-the trading market— there’s no need to keep any physical fax machine around anymore to send faxes these days. However, if we are traveling also we can send a fax from your smartphone. Without any hesitation — it’s easy to send and keep track of faxes from our own Android devices these days. Let’s take a look at the best apps for the job. Unfortunately, most Android faxing apps are either wildly outdated or charge a high price for faxing. Years ago, we got a report against a few apps that once offered free faxing from Android. However, the app has since eliminated its free plan and is visually charging a lot, thus eliminated it as a useful option for the user.
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Lots of faxing apps have gathered in recent days angry reviews stating that users were overcharged and few were having an issue with a lot of advertisement was distracting their work while faxing some important document, or had to pay for faxes that didn’t go through. Thus, a caution is necessary when you’re downloading fax apps from your Google Play Store.

Here are the few best fax apps for Android. There are some websites that can though if you’re patient enough to deal with it.

1)Easy Fax:

5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android

Easy fax solution comes up with it when you are faxing a document. The application includes more features for images and as well as PDF Format is supported. We also get cloud storage support for Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and many others. A scanning function is also given in the application in case if we need to digitize the document before sending. The prices are also fairly reasonable unlike most faxing apps. It costs around $0.25-$0.50 per page depending on the location. It’s functional and working smoothly in the market.

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2)Fax File:

5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android

Among few competent fax apps Fax File is doing quite well. It features a simple interface with a cheaper price. It supports PDF, JPEG as well as PNG files too. The app works with a credit system we have the space to purchase credits for set amounts of money. There is also another way that is a subscription for unlimited faxing every month with some of the packages available with them. However, keeping all aside it is working quite well in general. The developers suggest calling the fax numbers to ensure that the number is available before spending on some particular document for sending a fax.

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3)Genius Fax:

5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android
It is a companion app to the popular Genius Scan. The workflow is that we are using the scan application to put our documents into our phone. We can then use the fax app to send the fax. Here also they give the facility to pull files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other app. Receiving faxes are also possible in this app. Here we can spend money to rent a temporary number to receive faxes from other. Renting of numbers gives the option to rent for one, three or six months. Later on, if we need them we can add months also.

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4)Mobi Fax:

5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android
It is one of those fax apps which is working around for quite a while of time. However, it’s saving grace is that it works pretty well. Most of the country supports The Mobi Fax. The prices are pretty reasonable per page, unlike other apps. Unlike all other apps, it also supports PDF and JPEG file formats. Other than all these it’s friendly, simple, lightweight app working in a quite well manner. Thus most importantly the developers work all throughout to clear all the bugs whenever faced with an update.

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5)Cam Scanner:

5 Best Fax Apps and Fax Sending Apps for Android
CamScanner itself show themselves as an all-in-one productivity app. It’s mainly a document scanner application where we can scan any kind of documents, forms, receipt or any other article. But once the scanning is done they give an option of sending the file through fax. The prices are also reasonable according to the size of the document. They provide there fax to reach all over 30 countries. They also provide two to check it out whether the fax is working or not properly. However, they satisfied all there a user’s by providing a good support across for such kind of work. The app is not only about sending a fax but a complete solution of scanning and doing other document stuffs too. However, sending the fax option made them be in the top 5 fax sending app in today’s world. It’s a decent all in one solution what we can get for all kind of works related to any document, scanning and most importantly they provide fax all over 30 countries in the globe.

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