Best Ways to Give your Laptop a New Look

In today’s world laptops run the show. They are used for official, entertainment as well as gaming purposes. The point that laptops can be carried anywhere easily makes it such a big deal than normal personal computers. Thus laptops require more cleaning than computers as you end up using them more and if you are worried about the long run.

Here are some types of functioning problems that can happen with your laptop:

  1. Unresponsive and stagnant Performance: There are many possible reasons the laptop of your scan slowdown and all the time, if you are thinking about the existence of some kind of virus, is the reason then you are wrong because there is a huge possibility that the system which is not giving you a high performance is hacked. If you are using the laptop for a long time then also your laptop speed can decrease.

  2. Continuous error messages: Laptops do get occasional error messages. But the problem occurs when these messages pop up on a regular basis. The culprit can just be anything from a failing hardware to a virus, to a corrupted program installation. Try to keep a back up of your files before you start fixing the issue.

  3. Unrequested changes in settings: Virus attack is another issue that you need to take care of because sometimes when computers do not act normally or according to the protocol. This infection may change your homepage or reset your default search engine. New icons may also start to appear on your desktop.

  4. Overheating: It is very important your laptop stay cool while it’s running. Heavy using like playing games may heat your machine, but if the problem is occurring frequently then something is wrong with your internal system. Using a laptop cooling-pad may fix the issue.

  5. Noises: It is normal for a laptop to make some noises when it is booting up but loud and unfamiliar noises is a sign of a major problem. It is possible that the laptop fans which are being used all the time while the laptop is on and it can make some noises and sometimes if you do not fix this problem then it will give you a lot of problems.

When we talk about washing any laptop we mainly refer to file management and removing junk contents. Due to our low awareness, we do not take proper care of the look of a laptop. We spend so much time with our laptops and carry everywhere so it’s bound to get dirty.

So here are some professional steps to provide the beloved laptop of yours with a brand new look :

1. Cleaning materials are paramount: There are many special cleaning gels are available in the market with which if you clean the screen then the screen will have a new look. Now you need to take care of the rest of the part so for that take some water and in that water mix, a small amount of soap and you will is the best option that you can use.

2. Shake the laptop: you can find dust particles everywhere in your rooms and it is obvious that the laptop of yours also have these dust particles so for that reason the preliminary step you can take by shaking the laptop of yours if anything is present inside will come out eventually.

3. Use of compressed air: If you have a vacuum cleaner, then attach a small brush to it and gently clean the surfaces of the laptop. The alternate process is to use a can of compressed air. Tilt the can towards the laptop and gently spray. If you are facing any problem, try tilting the laptop instead. Do continue spraying till as much as debris has been removed.

4. Cleaning the laptop keys: Try using a knife to remove the keys gently without hurting yourself or damaging the connectors. Before taking out the keys it is important you understand how to put them back. If you are not sure to pop out one at a time and replace it. Fill a bowl with water and put few drops of regular dish soap. Place the keys in the solution at let them sit as long as it takes to loosen the gunk. You make need to scrub the keys lightly to complete the process.

5. Use of isopropyl alcohol: Take another bowl, fill it with lukewarm water and isopropyl alcohol solution. Then take a lint-free cloth, dip it in the solution. Wring out the cloth properly to avoid dripping of water. Then gently wipe clean the inside of the keyboard, as well as the side and another face of the laptop.

6. Take the can of compressed air can again: Remember to keep the can upright. Spray air inside all the connector ports along the side of the laptop, until they are nice and clean.

7. Leave the laptop to dry: It is better for the laptop if the lid part is open. If the keys of the laptop are being removed, then you may rub those keys with a dry cloth. Moreover, when they are completely dry gently put the keys back into their places.

You have to disburse some bucks to help your laptop to stay healthy and same is applicable to every aspect of your life. You may buy the above-mentioned products online. The flatten air can cost you around 300 bucks and the 200ml bottle of isopropyl alcohol may be around 200 bucks. You can find ready-made solutions in the stores near you which can be very much effective. In our daily life as the usage of electronic gadgets is increasing rapidly people who are using laptops can understand how valuable it is to them. So from this content, you can understand the significance of the laptop of yours and how you can save it for a long run.

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How to Ace the Skype Interview for a Remote Job

Today, the world is all about technology-savvy people. We have become addicted to technology. Not all times, the addiction is terrible. Sometimes it positively does works too. Let us say, e.g. Skype. Skype is marking the era of revolution in the entire process of communication. To understand the tactics of Here’s how to ace your Skype interview, let us begin our journey through the evolutionary phase of Skype.

What is Skype?

How to Ace the Skype Interview for a Remote Job

Skype is an application which favors its users with the process of free and paid calling, instant/voice and text messaging, video chatting and file and the screen sharing features. 2003 marks the birth year of Skype.


Exciting features of Skype which make it the best fit for the businesses:


How to Ace the Skype Interview for a Remote Job


  • The Skype is used for scheduling and controlling your business meetups while you are on the go.

  • It facilitates the businesses with customized participant views which are inclusive of the gallery view, speaker view, presentation view, and the compact view.

  • The Skype facilitates the businesses with powerpoint presentation delivery with high- resolution displays.

  • The add-on feature of the Skype is its conferencing tools which include virtual keyboards and annotations.

The above are just a snapshot of the Skype features for the businesses. Now let us get to the actual point of how to ace your skype interview?


Rule out all your excuses: The first and the foremost step in the Skype interview is whether you are on Skype or not? Be cautious with this question. Your presence on Skype is must if you are a job seeker especially the out stationed person. Rule out all your excuses that indicate your absence on the Skype platform. Some of the explanations are inclusive of having a telephonic interview, lack of proper internet connectivity, and so on. Remember, today’s world is of the Skype users. If you prefer to do your job and you want it hard enough, first master your self on the Skype platform and be ever-ready to present yourself in the Skype interview.


Be professional with your usernames: Today, the trend is to keep trendy or funky usernames. However, be careful when you play with your Skype username. Skype is a platform which is more professional in origin. Keep your name as your Skype username. It imparts the professional allure to your Skype page.


Dress for the best: It goes hand-in-hand that your dressing sense reflects your hidden personality. Realize and emphasize on this point and you will nail your Skype interview. By proper and professional dressing style, it does not apply that you need to attend your Skype interview in a full suit dress code. However, here in the Skype interview too, you should wear what you might have worn in a personal face-to-face meeting. Dressing for the Skype interview reminds you of the fact that you are going to feel the warmth of an actual face-to- face interview.


Be precise with your location: Usually, we blur out the behind objects. However, here in the Skype interview, it matters what is present behind you. Choose an area with a structured, clean and most precisely a neutral background to initiate your Skype interview. If you could get a hold of adequate lighting, that would merely act as an icing on the cake. Avoid unprofessional places such as the basements or sitting in front of a window. Remember, you are not choosing a place for your next selfie. This interview is something which will be deciding your fate. Additionally, avoid the start of your Skype interviews in public areas, unless you lack your internet connectivity. It just lowers your professional standards. For instance, if you are right in the coffee shop when you are about to have your Skype interview, inform your interviewer that you are present in a noisy location. The interviewer shall appreciate you for your loyalty regarding the disturbances in your surroundings.


Headset usage: This might have a difference of opinion. Those who have a headphone with an appropriate talk piece make the best use of it. In public places, it will pull you out from the clumsy noise in the surrounding and allow you to focus entirely on your Skype interview and your conversation with your interviewer becomes crystal clear without any hustles. The headset usage is strongly recommended during an on-going Skype interview process to minimize the unnecessary noise in the background.


Eye Contact: Just as the case in your face-to-face interview, maintaining proper eye contact is the first thing which clinches in the attention of the interviewer. The same thing happens in your Skype interview too. Prepare yourself strong enough to have well-organized eye contact with your interviewer. Just forget that the Skype platform is between you and your interviewer. It may seem awkward to you, but make sure that you keep looking at your webcam. This will, in turn, divert your eyes from your video which appears at the bottom of your Skype screen. If you are using a laptop for your Skype interview, place it over a stack of books so that the webcam falls at the level of your eyes.


Handle your technical faults with professionality: Since it is ultimately a technology, chances of the things going wrong exists. At such instances do not lose your calmness. Stay calm and handle your technical flaws with the professional touch. Remember that the interviewer understands that at times thing may go wrong. If at all you feel that your Skype is freezing up, do not hesitate to ask to hang up the on-going interview call. Ask politely whether you can hang up your call and resume it after the troubleshooting of your technical problem.


Bottom Line: The last key to how to ace your Skype interview lies in treating your Skype interview as your face-to-face interview or what you say your in-person interview. Be humble and amiable throughout the Skype interview process. Pay attention to your Skype interview and drop in clues to reflect that you are an active listener. This sends in the positive vibe to your interviewer and adds-on to your skills. Since it is an interview process, it must culminate in two-Way communication.Two-Way communication is a positive sign which emphasizes that the interviewee is interactive and socialistic in his approach. Do not forget to greet your interviewer right at the start and at the end of your Skype interview process. It just works like an added flavor to your cuisine. On the part of the interviewer, your professional greetings make him feel like you are actively interested in the interview process and a healthy professional relationship. Above everything, is the advice that makes your Skype interview happen.

We hope that the guide might act as a bible for the readers to ace their Skype interview process and they might get what they deserve!


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Top 10 Tech Pranks of All Time

Pranks are fun and exciting as long as they are harmless, on that we can all agree. These practical jokes are enjoyed by almost every one of us. Today, there are tens of thousands of videos on YouTube of people making performing pranks and getting loads of laughs and likes out of them.

At one time or the other, we all have performed a prank on our friend or colleague and still remember it as one of the times you had most fun. However, in today’s day and age gone are the conventional set-ups for pranks, such as Whoopee cushions, Powder Blasters and other such variety items. In this Digital Age, techies have invented fun and interesting methods for pulling a prank on someone.

Top Tech Pranks

Check out these top 10 tech pranks as suggested by our team of naughty IT experts:


Prank 1 – Crack a Computer Screen

This is one of the most hilarious pranks if you wish to get an epic reaction from your friend or known person. This requires an app which is completely free on the Play Store and App Store.

Follow these steps and enjoy watching your friend react to a suddenly ‘broken’ phone screen:

  • Step 1 – Get a hold of your friend’s smartphone.

  • Step 2 – Download the Broken Screen App from App Store or Play Store.

  • Step 3 – Tell them that you may have broken their phone’s screen after accidentally dropping it on the floor.

Be careful to play this prank on a mellow and chilled person, as a broken phone screen can result in rather extreme reactions sometimes.

Prank 2 – Freeze Desktop

This tech prank is very easy and is a sure way to frustrate the victim of this prank. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Take a screenshot of their computer’s desktop.

Windows users need to open the Snipping Tool. You can search for the Snipping Tool in the Start menu. Drag the cursor to highlight their current desktop.

Mac users will need to press SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 to open the screenshot feature. Then click and drag the desktop to highlight it.

  • Step 2 – Install the screenshot as their default desktop background. Simply right-click on their desktop and select the ‘Personalize’ settings (for Windows). Mac users need to navigate System Preferences and follow it with Screen Saver Panel.

  • Step 3 – Shift all the desktop icons to a folder hidden at the screen’s bottom section.

  • Step 4 – Sit back and watch your co-worker or friend struggle to open their applications and finally give up with frustration.

Prank 3 – Blurry Vision

This is definitely one of the easiest top tech pranks today. This ultimate prank will actually make the victim believe that there is something definitely wrong with their vision within the day.

  • Step 1 – Open their computer’s Control Panel.

  • Step 2 – Turn down the Brightness levels and turn up the Contrast levels slightly. Make sure that the change is very slight and not perceptible otherwise.

  • Step 3 – Every time your victim leaves the room, repeat Step 2 carefully.

  • Step 4 – Simply relax and watch as your victim begins to think that either they are losing their vision or their sanity as well.


Prank 4 – Malfunctioning Mouse

This is by far the laziest and easiest computer pranks on this list. You will only need a few seconds to accomplish the planning.

  • Step 1 – Get hold of a small piece of sticky note or clear tape.

  • Step 2 – Stick the tape/note over the optical laser underneath the mouse.

  • Step 3 – Sit back and enjoy their frustration at the mouse not working all of a sudden.

The earlier version of this prank required removing the ball from the mouse and got the same results.

Prank 5 – Dead Mouse

This requires getting your hands on two identical wireless mice. It is an excellent tech prank to confuse a friend completely.

  • Step 1 – Replace their original mouse with an identical one.

  • Step 2 – Take their original mouse to your desk.

  • Step 3 – Wait for them to start using the new mouse and follow the opposite direction of their actions.

  • Step 4 – Watch as the confusion increases in your victim.

Prank 6 – Pointer Problems

This is another easiest and top tech pranks involving the mouse.

  • Step 1 – Open the control panel on your own computer.

  • Step 2 – Go to ‘Mouse Settings’.

  • Step 3 – Simple change the default ‘pointer’ arrow to an hourglass or the frustrating ‘loading’ icon.

This makes the victim begin to think that the computer is constantly processing a command even though there is nothing happening.

Prank 7 – Language Lament

There is hardly anything funnier than someone reacting to a completely new language taking over their computer system. This is an excellent way to make the victim believe that their keyboard is fighting against them.

For Windows:

Open their computer ‘Settings’, click on ‘Time & Language’ then select the ‘Region & Language’ option. Click on the ‘Add’ button given underneath the Languages field. This allows you to select another language as default language for the PC.

For Mac:

Open the ‘System Preferences’ on their Mac PC and choose the ‘Language & Region’ option. Next, on the left-hand side of the screen, click the ‘+’ button under the ‘Preferred Languages’ section. This helps to add in a new language of your choice.

Try to choose Romanian as the new language as it looks very much similar to conventional English and it will take time for the victim to realize that the language on their PC is a strange one.

Prank 8 – Awkward Autocorrect

Although this tech prank may take more time than the other pranks on this list, the results and reactions are more than worth it. This is an excellent way to create confusion and frustration in your victim, if they are users of MS Word and even a smartphone. Outlook being the most common mailing platform, here are the steps to make this prank work flawlessly.

  • Step 1 – Open Windows Outlook and click on ‘File’.

  • Step 2 – Go to the ‘Mail’ option.

  • Step 3 – Select the ‘Spelling’ option.

  • Step 4 – Click on ‘Autocorrect’.

  • Step 5 – Select ‘Autocorrect Options’.

  • Step 6 – Replace any word with another random word of your choice.

You can choose to replace their own names to sound weird or funny, or you can simply remove all pronouns and replace them with adjectives. The limit of your creativity will make this prank even more hilarious.

Prank 9 – Switching Speakers

This is another simple yet top tech pranks for home and office. It works for those using external speakers with their laptops or computers.

  • Step 1 – Connect their speakers to your computer discretely.

  • Step 2 – Play something loud when they least expect it.

This works great as a classic ‘scare prank’ or even a frustrating prank if you keep playing weird sounds or music infrequently on their speakers, using your computer.


Top 10 Tech Pranks of All Time

Prank 10 – Fun with Photoshop

This is another most classic tech prank on this list. It will take patience for you to do it but the results and reactions are totally worth it.

  • Step 1 – Get access to your victim’s Facebook username and password.

  • Step 2 – Download a few of their old photographs from their account.

  • Step 3 – Make subtle and slight alterations to their downloaded photographs using Photoshop.

  • Step 4 – Replace the original photographs in their account with the new altered ones.

Although this will take a little time for the victim to notice the slight changes in their old photographs, you need to simply try not to grin or laugh as they let out their confusion and frustration in front of you.

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How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

About LinkedIn:-

How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a common word generally heard at work place, through colleagues or by someone who is searching for a job. LinkedIn is nothing but a social platform like Facebook but for professionals- anyone and everyone looking for a job, new opportunities or career growth. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with many other professionals through various fields by sending friend requests and private messages. In LinkedIn you can add your photograph with your resume and some information about yourself, this will help in connecting faster with other professionals of your field. The features of LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, if you know Facebook, LinkedIn will be easier for you to work with.

Basic featured of LinkedIn:-

There are many more features offered by LinkedIn, below are few of them:

Home: once you have logged in to LinkedIn, the home feed is your news feed which shows the recent post from your connection with other professional whom you are following.

Profile: the profile shows the name, photograph, qualification, occupation, experience, location and other information fed by the user. One can also customize various different sections like a short summary, education and other thing and make it like a resume.

My Network: this feature has all the list of professional you are currently connected with on LinkedIn.

Jobs: All sort of jobs listing are posted on LinkedIn every day are displayed on the basis of your profile.

Search bar: this the most efficient and powerful feature which helps in finding different jobs, professional etc.

Interest: other than following professionals, you can also follow certain interest on LinkedIn as well. This can include company pages, slide share etc.

Pending Invitation: when someone wants to connect with you, he will send an invitation. You will receive it and it’s your decision to approve or disapprove it.

Advantages of LinkedIn:-

How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn, through My Network section can be useful in finding old colleagues and friends. Just enter your email to sync your contacts with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with new professionals locally or internationally.

2. LinkedIn offers you to make a complete and interactive profile on it, this profile can also work as your resume. You can also use it as a link in an email or cover letter when you apply for a job.

3. LinkedIn is one of the best platform to find and apply for jobs online. LinkedIn gives you recommendations of job plus you can find a specific job with the search bar option.

4. LinkedIn publishing platform allows user to publish blog post and get an opportunity to have their content read by tons of people. This will also be shown in your profile ultimately increasing your credit ability in related field as well as it will be relevant to your profession experience.

Being secured on LinkedIn:-

How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest online interaction platform. This social network can connect you with thousands of other people and their profile. The information fed by you in LinkedIn allows many other users to contact you directly by sending private message. Hence, this has made LinkedIn a dream destination for identity thieves. So, one should be extra careful to who you let in and who you show your profile to. It is better to hide your personal details from the people you are not directly connected to. LinkedIn has many useful features and tricks to protect your profile from unknown user. One of the feature offered by LinkedIn is to hide your last name from those are not connected to you. This is an advantage for LinkedIn user and one should use this feature in order to be protected from anonymous users.

Following are the steps to hide your last name:

1. First step is to log in to your LinkedIn account and press on the Profile icon.

2. Once you press the profile icon a drop box will appear with many options, Setting & Privacy being one of them. Select this option.

3. On the top of the Setting page you will see Privacy icon, press on this icon.

4. Scroll down the drop box and you will see an option of “Who can see my last name”.

5. Click on the “Change” written right next to “Who can see my last name”. You can also click on the option itself to change the settings. This is an alternative option.

6. When you click on “Change”, this will show you two options. Among these options will be your complete name and other will show the first letter of your name or abbreviated name.

7. Select the abbreviated name and this will be saved automatically.

One can also make changes in their account on this particular page. One can even manage who can see your email address or even manage connections on the platform. This feature offered by LinkedIn gives an individual the power to choose how much of their profile should be visible to strangers and to the people you are connected with. This platform allows you to show your account to others as you wish. Visibility, syncing contacts and calendar as well as blocking and unfollowing users you don’t want to connect with and many other managing task.

Although, hiding last name on LinkedIn does not completely make your name invisible to everyone, your connection can still see your name even after hiding the last name.

As mentioned before, linked is the largest socializing platform for budding professionals and experienced professionals. LinkedIn helps in interacting with various people from different areas, countries and backgrounds. Hence, security is also main concern for the authentic users. LinkedIn understand that you are the ultimate person who has the right to choose your connection and who can view your profile. It is not necessary that everyone would like to connect with second degree connection or like anyone to view their profile or try to connect with them. For that LinkedIn has offered various measures one of which is mentioned above- “Hiding last name”. This feature particularly helps to those who don’t want their profile to be visible to all or to those they don’t want. This feature is a useful privacy tool. “Hide your last name” helps to avoid various frauds that can happen by connecting with the wrong person, also this feature will protect your personal information to be leaked or misuse.

Being on LinkedIn is a great experience, especially when you know that your profile is safe and secured from all the fraud activities.

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AADHAAR LEAKED! Beware! Check the last six months usage record online

‘FORGERY’ is the word that is profusely scaring the Indians recently. After our encounter with many cons, the revelation with unethical rackets, and being the experimental target of the digital thieves, we have become terrifically aware of what is happening with our “Aadhaar Card.”

ADHAAR LEAKED! Beware! Check the last six months usage record online

Are our identification details safe in the government’s locker? Is someone misusing our Aadhaar Cards and putting them into effect in specific illegal activities?

Especially, after the blasting exposure of how Aadhaar database can be purchased through internet only for Rs 500 has jerked the heads and heels of the common mass. The government portals have been flooded with people’s concern over the security of private data.

We got a response from the bench of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). It was clarified that the case was mere unauthorized access to the Aadhaar website. However, there was no instance of stealing of biometric data.

Inspite of the clarification, a debate has been raised over the Aadhaar security.

It’s better for us if we learn how to find out what is happening with our Aadhaar card and where the cards have been used in the last six months.

No! No one has to step outside the home or the comfy place to be enlightened with the truth. The online facility of UIDAI has let us do the needful from anywhere. We need an internet connection to our digital device like a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Be careful of the third party websites as the chances of leakage of our data is more in these zones.

The Aadhaar card holders can check the authentication history here:

Verify where your Aadhaar has been utilized in the past six months.

As per UIDAI’s right version “This feature can be used to view Authentication details. Fetch your Adhaar authentication history (Notifications) data.” Howbeit, you have an option to complain if you find any misuse.

A remembrance:

Keep your Adhaar registered phone number always with you.

Here is the step-by-step guidance:

  • Open a search engine page like Google Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

  • Go to the Adhaar authentication history page.

  • Type or paste ‘’ on the browser window.

  • Now, enter the 12 digit Adhaar number in the demanded box. It is located below the Adhaar Authentication History.

  • It’s time to put the 4-digit security code given there in the below.

  • Click on the term “Generate OTP.”

  • You will get an OTP (One Time Password) coming to your registered mobile number.

  • Don’t forget to verify the number on the UIDAI website.

You will see a page appear in front of you that enquires for the following information:

✓ Authentication Type ✓ Select Data Range ✓ Number of Records ✓ OTP


What is Authentication Type?

It is a drop-down that includes options like:

✓ Demographic ✓ Biometric ✓ All ✓ Demographic & Biometric ✓ Demographic & OTP ✓ Biometric & OTP


You need to choose “All” as an option in the page’s drop-down menu

The page will show you the date, time and all types of Adhaar Authentication requests that have been made in the specific period that you selected. But, you won’t be able to view the name of the people who requested the authentication.

  • Click on the option “Select Date Range.” Then, choose the number of months. You can select up to 6 months to the maximum.

Here, you have to fill in “Number of Records.” Keep it in mind that you can request for maximum 50 records.

  • Now, enter the OTP for authentication.

  • Click on “Submit” button.

The long desired page will come into your view: You can see all the places where your Adhaar have been used.


If you discover any misuse, immediately dial 1945.

Is there any toll-free helpline number available for 24 x 7 hours?

Yes, owing to the increase in the use of Adhaar card in transactions in the Government Sectors, Banking Arenas, etc., UIDAI has launched a renovated version for helping the people avail fast access to any information related to Adhaar.

The toll-free helpline number is ‘1947’.

It is available all around the year on the IVRS mode. The call center executives will be on duty from 7 am to 11 pm from Monday to Saturday. You will get answers from them from 8 am to 5 pm on Sundays. The agents manage around 1.5 lakhs of calls each day.

Dr. Ajay Bhusan Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of UIDAI, told that the toll-free helpline-1947 had been refurbished for handling more incoming calls that have helped to bring Adhaar closer to all the citizens. People can access it via landline or mobile phone. It’s beneficial as the Banking sector is pressing over the Adhaar number for the identification of the individuals.

Besides, the residents can do the following:

✓ Locate Adhaar Enrollment Centre ✓ Know Adhaar number’s generation status after the enrollment ✓ Redeem the Adhaar details of anyone who hasn’t get it via post or has lost it

In the de-monetization era in India, the use of Adhaar is sky-high and is required to deposit in every sphere both government and private.

UIDAI has come forward to caution the general public to precisely specify the reason of providing Adhaar letter photocopies for prevention of exploitation.

Dr. Pandey has voiced that the general public submits the Adhaar letter’s photocopies to the banks. They have been urged to indicate the purpose of offering the same including time and date. He further added that it is a good practice for the people whenever they present photocopies of the distinct documents. Adhaar is digitally verifiable. It can be authenticated anywhere and anytime. There are limited chances of misuse.

Can anyone hack your bank account by using the Adhaar number?

Just by gaining your Adhaar number, it’s not possible to draw money from ATM or hack your bank account. If you don’t reveal your PIN or OTP provided to you by the bank, your money is safe. There hasn’t been found any case of monetary loss due to Adhaar number.

Can UIDAI track your activities by using your biometrics, PAN, bank account, etc.?

✓ Let us tell you that UIDAI database contains the following: ✓ Your name

✓ Address ✓ Gender ✓ Date of Birth ✓ Ten Finger Prints ✓ Two IRIS scans ✓ Facial photo ✓ Mobile Number ✓ Email ID

UIDAI doesn’t contain any particulars about your caste, family, religion, bank accounts, education, mutual funds, financial documents, shares, etc.

Finally, the rumors of Adhaar card breaches have been promulgated as false. It is being articulated that in the last 7 years, Adhaar database has never been ruptured. The stories are found to be the outcomes of misreporting. UIDAI possess advanced security technologies for keeping your date 100% safe and secure. Regular upgradations are done for meeting the rising security threats.

AADHAAR LEAKED! Beware! Check the last six months usage record online

Then also, who can say how the thieves will attack your accounts? It’s better to be safe than wretched. Follow the given tips and get the last six months’ usage record now.

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How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

Emailing is the most popular form of online communication today. Seemingly simple and mostly unchanged from the day it was invented emailing allows businesses to communicate efficiently and reliably with the different sections and departments within. This enables businesses to function at optimal efficiency. There are several types of files, such as text documents, images and even videos that can be shared using email. PDF files are amongst the most commonly- used attachments with emails today, thanks to their immense benefits.

What are PDF files?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. In simple terms, this type of file is designed to retain its format no matter which platform it is being used with. PDFs are especially useful in business email communication. There are numerous uses for PDF files, including:

  • Invoicing clients

  • Maintaining consistent customer records

  • Delivering important business memos

As these files have a fixed format, there are no risks of the file getting edited or manipulated easily by the user.

Benefits of PDF files

These are the top 7 benefits of using PDF files for business or other important communication when you wish to share files with others:

1. Consistent document format Sharing files, such as MS Word or MS Excel files over the internet is tricky when it comes to proper formatting. With a PDF file, you can ensure consistency when it comes to maintaining the format of your shared text and image files. This is also an excellent option to ensure ideal printouts of important documents that are shared over email.

2. Ubiquitous formatting PDF has become a widely used file format all over the world. It is supported by all popular platforms and can be easily received, accessed, viewed and reused by amateurs as well. The format is easier to view and share, making it ideal for sharing documents online.

3. Compressed file size – PDF is able to compress larger-sized, high-quality files to a sufficiently smaller size easily. This makes it efficient for saving storage space on your system, especially if you have limited storage space in your email.

4. Password protected files PDF is also highly secure for sending sensitive business information using email. The password-protection feature allows you to secure the file effectively against prying eyes and ensure that it is seen only by the authorized person you share the password with.

5. Easy Attachments PDF files can easily integrate non-ext elements, such as images, hyperlinks, charts, etc. It also allows you to maintain an easy-to-use layout with proper and active hyperlinks within it.

6. Completely Compatible One of the main reasons that PDF files are used so popularly worldwide is that they are compatible with every major OS (operating system), such as Windows, Linux and iOS that are used today. Not only this, these files can be accessed and used with equal ease on your Android OS smartphone devices also.

7. Increasing Popularity Technology advances swiftly but PDF files have remained constantly popular from the past more than two decades. The format is already used popularly all over the world and it remains one of the top file formats in use today.

How to Edit PDF Online?

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

PDF files, with all their advantages and benefits are used thousands of times each day around the world. As in communication, there might be a need to actually make amendments or changes in the PDF file shared.

So here are the top 5 ways on how to edit PDF online for free:

Tip 1 – Use PDF PRO

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


PDF Pro is an excellent tool to edit PDF online for free. It offers a wide range of editing features, such as shifting text from one part to another on the document, along with highlighting and erasing tools, that are most useful in making quick changes or editing the document.

Apart from these conventional PDF editing features, PDF Pro also has an efficient ‘merge’ tool along with a converter features to transform PDF files into Word document or an image file.

Tip 2 – Download PDF ZORRO

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


PDF Zorro is one of the leading tools to edit PDF online. It is also comparatively improved than the PDF Pro. It works excellently with multiple platforms, along with your smartphone device or tablet.

Some of the excellent features of PDF Zorro include the ability to add text or entire pages, write in free hand, and even export the PDF files to MS Excel or MS Word documents. Not only this, you can easily add an entire section or page between the original texts as you require.

Tip 3 – Try PDF ESCAPE

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


PDF escape is a unique tool to edit PDF online for free. It comes with the innovative ‘Sticky Note’ tool which helps users to add annotations within the PDF files easily. The best feature in this free PDF editing software includes the ability to edit pages extremely.

Users can white-out entire sections of the page, insert or crop any form of HTML coded fields, including radio buttons, check boxes, search bars, etc. For added protection users can easily activate the password-protection feature and restrict the viewing of this PDF file as needed.

Tip 4 – Check out FORM SWIFT

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

Form Swift is another excellent tool to edit PDF online in the easiest manner. This tool lets you make modifications to existing documents, and allows you to convert your files into PDF format. The software also offers a large array of choices in its library for editing templates.

One of the unique features in Form Swift is the panel which lets you choose editing options, between ‘Type’, ‘Draw’ and ‘Upload’.

Tip 5 – Try SEJDA

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


Sejda is considered to be the top editing tool for PDF files. This tool is highly advised for professionals who have frequent need to edit PDF online in their work. It has an immense library-full of features that can provide solution to every editing need for professionals and others as well.

From re-organizing the pages in a PDF file, to splitting the PDF and even converting the PDF file to another format, the

Follow any of these tips on how to edit PDF online and learn the easiest way to make changes to the PDF files you receive. The above-listed PDF editing software and apps are designed for use across multiple platforms and are completely free of charge.

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How To Reboot and Reset Android Devices

Smartphones have become ubiquitous today. Every single person you come across seems to have an Android smartphone nowadays. According to statistics, currently, there are over 2 billion smartphone users globally. Majority of smartphones in use today have Google’s Android OS. Android technology is touted as being one of the most simple, efficient and effective smartphone technologies.


Why Do You Need to Reboot or Reset your Android device?

Although smartphones are packed with anti-virus and other security apps, much like any other commercial electronic computing device, Android smartphones and tablets can hang at anytime. There are numerous reasons as to why you Android device may have stopped working all of a sudden. In such cases, you may have heard of someone suggesting that you ‘reboot’ or ‘reset’ your Android device.

In this article, you will learn the differences and advantages to reboot Android devices and to reset Android devices. It is most helpful for troubleshooting issues in your Android phone or tablet, without having to visit the service center.


Difference between Reboot and Reset

First off, there seems to be a common confusion amongst Android users regarding the terms ‘reboot’ and ‘reset’.

Reboot A reboot will simple restart your Android device, especially when it is lagging in its functions.

Reset A reset will erase all data from your phone, apart from the built-in apps, to remove bugs.

How To Reboot and Reset Android Devices

Soft Reboot and Hard Reboot

Although you may confuse the terms ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ as referring to the intensity/limit of the rebooting procedure, there is slight truth in it. Simply speaking, ‘soft reboot’ is derived from software reboot, whereas ‘hard reboot’ is derived from hardware reboot.

Hence, soft reboot will restart your software applications while hard reboot will restart your hardware applications in the Android device. Normally, when you reboot your smartphone it is a soft reboot. However, if you take out the battery directly, without switching off the phone/tablet first, then it is called as a hard reboot because you are using hardware to reboot the device.


Hard Reboot Android Devices

To hard reboot Android devices in phones which have built-in batteries, the simple trick is to press the Volume Down + Power keys for a few seconds. In this time, your screen will go blank and you will see the rebooting animation being displayed on it.


Reset Android Devices to Factory Settings

There are numerous reasons as to why you might need to restore your Android device to its factory settings. Most commonly, it is needed when you are upgrading to another smartphone. There are mainly two methods to reset Android devices to their factory settings.

Soft Reset Android Devices

Every Android device has a built-in option in the phone’s settings menu to reset Android devices to their original settings.

  • Step 1 – Go to ‘Settings’

  • Step 2 – Select ‘Backup & Reset’

  • Step 3 – Choose ‘Factory Data Reset’

  • Step 4 – Confirm when prompted

Following these four simple steps, your Android device will have all additional and personal data/setting removed from it. It will eventually be in its original state that it came in when you opened the box.

However, it is important to note that when you reset Android devices to factory settings, only the data in the phone’s memory will get erased. Any data on the SD card will be left untouched. So if you have reset Android devices to sell them then make sure to remove any SD cards in your phone beforehand.

Hard Reset Android Devices

how to reset and reboot android phone

The other method is to hard reset Android devices. As mentioned earlier, Android devices are prone to hanging, lagging or simply freeze on you at times. At such times, hard reset comes as a last resort.

  • Step 1 – Switch off your Android device.

  • Step 2 – Hold down the Power Key and Volume Down key together till you see an Android bootloader menu.

  • Step 3 – Use volume button to toggle between options in bootloader menu and highlight ‘Recovery Mode’.

  • Step 4 – Use the Power Key to select/enter your choice.

  • Step 5 – Phone screen displays message ‘No Command’.

  • Step 6 – Press and hold the Power Key and then press once on Volume Up key.

  • Step 7 – A list menu gets displayed. Use the Volume key to highlight the option for ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’.

  • Step 8 – Confirm your choice when prompted to initiate the reset Android devices to factory setting process.

We hope that these simple tips were helpful enough. So the next time your Android smartphone or tablet begins to lag or you are planning to sell your current phone for another one, make sure to do the reset Android devices process and ensure that your personal data and settings are safe forever. When you reboot Android devices using these tips, you will notice improved performance by your smartphone.

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Top 5 Ways to Enable Internet Connection to TV without Built-in WiFi

When you think of purchasing a TV, then immediately SmartTV is the name that flashes in your thought. It is because as the name implies, smart TVs can make your life easy. You can watch TV programs at the same time browse the internet. Yes, SmartTVs are also called internet TV. It comes with built-in WiFi or allows the Ethernet cable to be connected to browse the web.

A world without internet is unimaginable. Right from kids, everyone wants the internet to play games online, watch YouTube, Netflix, and browse all the information on the big screen. So SmartTV helped them in getting their job done quickly.

But, what if you don’t have a SmartTV, then don’t panic and you can become smart by following these tips. You can quickly make your TV a SmartTV by trying one of the options given below to connect to the internet.

Top Five Ways to Connect Internet to TV without built-in WiFi

1. Mirroring :–

Understand the concept of screen reflecting which is also called screencasting and you can enjoy internet on TV. You must first check whether your TV supports mirroring to make use of this trick. Just mirror the content of your Smartphone with your TV. Remember your Smartphone must have an internet connection and mirroring option. Smart devices with Android OS 4.4.2 and above will have mirroring feature. Quickly open mirroring option in both your TV and phone to enjoy internet on TV.

In case your TV does not support screen mirroring, then still there is another way to connect to use your mirroring Smartphone for internet connection on TV. Use devices such as ChromeCast and screencast the Smartphone contents on your TV.

2. Streaming Device :–

Streaming players can be connected externally to your TV to enable internet. The online information is sent through the streaming device, and that gets displayed on the TV. Look for a streaming player and broadband connection (2 MBPS and above). You should also have a WiFi router or an Ethernet cable. Think of an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable that helps to transfer the image to the TV. Even a VGA (Video Graphics Array)/Audio cable can work the best in this process.

The media box or the streaming player has internet, and they have built-in preprogrammed applications and channels. They will act as a Freeview box hooking with the WiFi connection on your TV and prevents usage of any aerial connection.

Directly plug the device into the TV either using the wall socket, USB port or HDMI port. This device will play the role of a computer and will process the internet signal to connect to the channels and apps. Most of these devices have preset channels including Netflix, BBC, HULU, ITV player, etc.

Best streaming devices that are popular in 2018 includes Roku, Apply TV 4K, ChromeCast, Nvidia TV shield, etc. These players come with a vast collection of database, apps, and channels.

3. PC Connection :-

Laptop or HDMI computer can solve the purpose of connecting TV to the internet. In fact, it is the oldest method adopted by people who wanted to have an internet connection to their TV. Internet-enabled PC will have access to many contents, and hence TV linked to it will allow you to enjoy several varieties of media. However, making this arrangement is time-consuming and tedious.

Use an HDMI cable, and it will have both video and audio signals to connect to the TV. Alternatively, you can use audio cable or VGA combination to make your TV an internet TV.


4. Smart Players and Game Consoles :-

Several DVD players in the market had inbuilt WiFi and called smart DVD players. These players will help to connect TV and internet. This is also an economical option in the place of buying an expensive SmartTV. Also, purchasing these smart players are a smart option as it not only connects TV to the internet but also has three devices in package namely the media player, DVD, and makes your TV an internet TV.

Another similar option is connecting TV to the game consoles to enable internet access. Game consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 can easily stream online programs to the TV. They function similar to a streaming device and has preset channels provided by the manufacturer.

HDMI cable works the best to connect the game consoles to your TV.


5. Android TV and TV Dongle :-

To understand Android TV working model first understand the TV dongle working principle. TV dongles act as a miniature of the streaming device. You can connect them to TV using the USB port or HDMI port. All necessary things are available on the dongle, and you merely need to connect them. It is a compact option, and they are as small as a flash drive. Currently, ChromeCast offered by Google is the best dongle.

Android TV differs from TV dongle, and they are more similar to the Android phone connected to your TV. The entire app available in the Android app will be appearing on the TV connected to it on a big screen. Also, it is possible to install other third-party and official apps, games, social software, and music.

In a nutshell, from next time don’t bother if you happen to live with a TV without in-built WiFi. You can follow any one of the above options mentioned and connect your TV to the internet on the go.

However, remember that the following essential requirement must be fulfilled to get connected to the internet even without built-in WiFi.

  • There must be Wi-Fi or broadband connection in the surrounding when your TV does not have a built-in connection.

  • TV must have an HDMI port. For that matter, it can be LED, LCD or any monitor but an HDMI port is mandatory to connect the HDMI cable of any of the listed device to activate internet connection.

If you can ensure these two things, then you can enjoy internet connection on your TV. Feel free to try out any of the options and enjoy constant internet connection on your TV.

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How to Recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook

It is no longer a whammy situation for the Facebook users to be blessed with exciting surprises from the desk of Facebook. The geniuses of Facebook in the past too have been adding creativity and innovations to their social media platform to keep their client circle engaging. To list a few of the existing features of the Facebook are credits, feature phones, graph search, IPv6, listen with friends, mood faces, phone, poke and greetings. In addition to these features, the Facebook platform also upgrades its users with smartphone integration, fundraising, status updates, subscribe, ticker, URL shortener, verified accounts, hash-tagging support, impressum and so on.

How to Recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook

Recently the social networking site Facebook has come up with an important feature which calls for the dire attention of all the platform users. Now go endlessly with your connectivity with Facebook as it helps you with the ease of recharging your prepaid mobile number. Yes! You get it right. The backend team of Facebook now has incorporated the feature of renewing your prepaid number instantly through their social networking platform itself. Currently, the feature is operative on the Facebook’s application meant for the Android Operating Systems.

The Facebook users can now avail the instant prepaid recharge feature of the Facebook and get their account recharged. The prepaid number recharge feature supports multiple mobile operators. Though currently, the feature is available only for the android users, the Facebook family is very keen on introducing the same for their other clients such as those who are iPhone users and those who log in to their Facebook account via their desktops. Isn’t it amazing? Sources convey that even the post-paid billing feature will be a part of a Facebook feature in the near future.

Do you want to make the use of the prepaid number recharging feature at this moment itself? Then your search ends here. We have brought a concise and easy to follow guide on How to recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook. Follow the steps mentioned below as a bible to make your next prepaid recharge efficiently.

How to recharge your prepaid number via Facebook?

How to Recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook

Since the feature is entirely new, we shall be spoon-feeding the entire process of recharging your prepaid number.

The first and the most important thing you need to do is to get the hold of your android smartphone. Next, go to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of the Facebook application for Android. If you have one pre-installed, check whether your Facebook Android Application is up-to-date or not. If not, then get it upgraded by visiting the Google Play Store.

Once you have the upgraded version of the Facebook Android Application, next thing you need to do is tap on the menu option. The menu option is present in the right-hand corner of your Facebook Android Application Screen. Once you tap the menu option, you will see a

drop-down menu which pops-up. Scroll down the menu option list and choose the ‘Mobile Top Up’ option from the list.

After you are done with your selection of the ‘Mobile Top Up,’ you will soon be led to a new screen which shows a display button to recharge your prepaid number via Facebook. It reads ‘Choose a plan and pays with your debit or credit card – its fast, secure and free.’ Next, you need to tap the option which reads ‘Top Up Now.’ While handling your payment, please make sure that you accomplish your payment either through the Visa or the MasterCard only. Currently, the Facebook platform supports only Visa and MasterCard payments.

Now, enter your ten digits pre-paid mobile number. As soon as you enter your pre-paid mobile number, the Facebook will detect the mobile operator on its own. By default, if there is a technical error in the auto-operator selection by the Facebook, then you need not worry. You may change it manually at your end. For bringing about the operator change manually, all you need to do is select your connectivity service provider (say, e.g., Airtel, Jio, BSNL, Vodafone or any other) from the drop-down menu. The browse plan category option allows you to choose from the available pre-paid recharge options. The drop-down menu for the recharge plans contains bifurcations such as the full talk time, 3G mobile data, TopUp, SMS recharges, and Special Tariff Vouchers. Choose the best idea which satisfies your recharging requirements. Instead of this, you may enter the amount you wish to renew your pre-paid account by entering the figure manually.

Tap the option to review your recharge plan selected and enter your credit/debit card details. The card details are inclusive of card number printed on the front side of your card, the expiration date of your card which is below your card number and the CVV number which is written on the back of your card. The CVV code represents the security code to make payments via that credit/debit card. Please note, never disclose these three important details about your card before anyone. Finally, tap the option of ‘Place Order.’

If you want to trace back the number of recharges you made via Facebook, then the social networking site has made the relevant provisions in this context too. With Facebook., you can track a detailed log of your payment history you made in the past. To avoid entering the card details for every recharge, you may save your card details the first time you enter them. This will save your valuable time in future recharges. The payment verification will be accompanied by one-time password entry process. After the successful completion of the prepaid recharging payment, Facebook will notify you of the same. You may receive a successful payment text on your registered mobile number. Alternatively, you may receive an email indicating the recharge accomplishment.

Facebook also gives you the liberty to generate a four digit recharge pin and the delivery address. These two features from the Facebook will facilitate the future payment processes.

Hope the guide helps the newbies to make their prepaid recharges via Facebook more comfortable and convenient to handle.

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